Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3626 Dec 8- 22 2017 - Page 22

22 Dec. 8 - 22, 2017 FRESHWATER REPORTS: CONTINUED FROM PG 20 LAKE TAHOE cont. “Cal encouraged me to give it a try. I figured he’d recommend using minnow plugs and he did, but he also advised me to give PowerBait drop shot minnows trolled behind a 6 inch Sling Blade dodger a try. I was skeptical about using bass baits, but I picked some up and I’m glad I did. After dropping in at Cave Rock I spent an hour trolling with Rapalas both topline and off a leadcore outfit. I got one bump and zero hookups, so I decided to slow down and give the PowerBait/Sling Blade combo a try.” “I hooked a small 2 pound mackinaw on the leadcore outfit within the first 10 minutes. A while later I got another mack that was a little bigger and then I got the big strike of the day. The leadcore rigged got slammed with the gear working about 30 feet deep and the fish was immediately on the surface. I knew it was a big rainbow and I was sure I was going to lose it, but I got it into the net. I didn’t weight the fish, but I got a rough measurement before the release. It was right around 25 inches,” exclaimed Souza. Souza’s total for the day was 4 mackinaw and the big rainbow. He released all the fish but one, keeping a 3 pound mack for the smoker. TRINITY RIVER/LAKE Trinity Fall Chinook, Steelhead Weir Counts Soar WEAVERVILLE - Fall Chinook salmon counts at the Willow Creek Weir on the lower Trinity River are almost four times as those recorded by the same time last year. FRESHWATER The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) reported 1,895 fall chinooks, including 1030 adults and 865 grilse, to date. That compares to 459 fish, including 383 adults and 76 grilse, in 2016. Likewise, coho numbers are up considerably from last year, with a total of 66 fish, including 30 adults and 36 grilse, so far. That compares with 3 fish, including 1 adult and 2 grilse, last year, Steelhead numbers are also up from last season, with 746 fish, including 689 adults and 57 pounders, this season. That compares to 564 fish, including 519 adults 45 half pounders, by the same date in 2016. Recent rains had muddied the water on the Trinity at press time, with the only area producing solid steelhead fishing being the Lewiston to Douglas City stretch. However, the fishing below Douglas City is expected to pick up as the water clears, reported Tim Brady of Trinity Outdoors. “Fishing has been good for bank anglers and boaters,” said Brady. “Fishermen are using an array of flies, nightcrawlers, roe and spoons. Most fish are in the 2 to 5 lb. range, with some bigger steelhead.” Fishing pressure continues to be relatively light on the Trinity River, due to the closure of fall Chinook fishing this year on the Trinity River from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31. Lewiston Lake is still worth a try for rainbow trout, but few anglers have been fishing for trout, salmon or bass at Trinity Lake. Trinity Lake is holding 1,752,097 acre-feet of water, 72 percent of capacity and 110 percent of capacity. Releases to the Trinity River below Lewiston Dam are 315 cfs. WEST DELTA Persistence Pays Off For Bait Anglers BRANNAN ISLAND - Fishing success in the West Delta requires bait and patience VOL.36 • ISS. 26 with declining water temperatures. Both sturgeon and stripers are up for grabs for anglers willing to put in some time. Captain Hayden Mullins of Dragon Sportfishing has been on a sturgeon catching rampage recently. “We’ve been on fire recently. We’ve found the fish and they are on a solid eel bite,” exclaimed Mullins. “We’ve been working water that is around 30 feet deep down toward the ships in Suisun Bay. We had over 30 sturgeon last week. One looked to be over 175 pounds and two over 200 pounds. We’ve been averaging 2 keepers per day.” “Upcoming this bite should hold up if Ron travelled all the way from Arizona to fish with Delta Legend, Barry we don’t get a huge Canevaro on October 27. Capt. Canevaro didn’t disappoint, he put Ron shot of rain. Big rain on this 45 inch keeper sturgeon while fishing the upper end of Suisun Bay. will change things. Photo courtesy of FISH HOOKERS SPORTFISHING, Isleton. When that happens the fish typically it’s hard to beat filleted shad or chicken head down to San Pablo. If big rains come liver. For larger fish, live baits such as we’ll continue catching fish, but we’ll have mudsuckers, jumbo shiners and bullheads to find them again and establish a new are the way to go. pattern. It’s all part of the game, but as for The average bass is running 4 to 6 right now we’ve got them dialed in,” related pounds, but bigger fish up to and beyond Mullins. 10 are common and fish to 40 pounds have On the striper fishing front, both live and cut baits are working. For a limit of keepers, been reported. Celebrating 60 years of “The Unsinkable Legend”!! It began in 1958 when Boston Whaler developed a unique method for injecting foam into the hull of a boat. This became known as Unibond™ construction, and it remains at the heart of every Boston Whaler. Not only does this proprietary method create Whaler’s famed unsinkability, it also contributes greatly to the ride quality and overall boating experience. ALL NEW 170 MONTAUK ALL NEW 150 MONTAUK The New Montauk combines the classic heritage of the past with a new 7” wider and 6” longer deep vee New and improved for 2018, the 150 Montauk features a hull, 25” transom, new built-in 25 gall 76W06VFW"66RWBBFR67B6R0gVVF6W&FRf6&&FVBf"PV6"F2BV6&RrfW'V7FW&FRBG&W"7FF&B6vR6VFW0cW&7W'B7G&RWF&&BBvf旦VBG&W"খ7F6vFƖ֗FVBf&ƗG6vW27F'BBC32S6f"FWF26vW27F'BBC#Rss#n( 3#C3c#0SS3>( 3#6f"FWF2#b( 2#pW"&&VFVW f"V'0332VVG7G&VW@B4Cc`wwrWF&&FF'66Ф&6W24TDRg&VvBb&WW2FbƖ6V6Rǒ