Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3624 Nov 10-24 2017 - Page 4

2 Nov. 10 - 24, 2017 “When I am fishing a frog or flipping matted vegetation, I am throwing the new X-TCB 8 Carrier Braided Line form P-Line. It is critical to be stealthy with both techniques, and with P-line’s new braid, you can make longer casts and it is ultra quiet com- ing through the grass.” – Bass Pro Bryan Thrift PRO’S POINTER GO FOR IT! VOL.36 • ISS. 24 HOT BITES... 1. CAPLES TROUT… Browns and rainbows are on a great fall bite. For fish to 20 inches, troll small Rapalas or soak inflated ‘crawlers off the bank. 2. SUISUN BAY STURGEON… Sturgeon are holding and feeding in deep water areas. Fresh salmon roe is the top bait, but you’ll want eel and pile worms too. 3. MONTEREY ROCKFISH… Rockfish and lingcod action has been steady for central coast anglers. Shrimp flies, anchovy shaped jigs and soft plastics swimbaits are all hooking. 4. SAC RIVER KINGS… Fall run king salmon are spread throughout the river. For salmon to 40 lbs fish Flatfish, spinners and roe between Red Bluff and Redding. GOOD BETS... Tactical . GETting it done. as an angler, success depends on the tactical decisions MADE long before you get to the water. You need every possible advantage to compete with the serious anglers of today. that BEGINS with your line. derived using the latest in raw material and extrusion advancements, TACTICAL DELIVERS Longer casts, extreme invisibility AND UNEQUALLED KNOT STRENGTH. head to the water spooled with the strongest, and most supple fluorocarbon. AWARD WINNING TACTICAL FLUOROCARBON. Available in 6-20lb. Test ~ 200 yard spools. 5. DELTA STRIPERS… Bait soakers and trollers are catching stripers in the 6 to 25 lb. class. Yo-Zuris work for trollers, while shad produces results for the bait crowd. 6. LAKE CHABOT TROUT… Trout fishing is underway and anglers are doing well. Bankers are soaking PowerBait and Zeke’s Sierra Gold at Coots Landing and other areas. 7. ALMANOR TROUT… Rainbows and browns to 5 lbs. are on good trolling bite. To hook up pull Speedy Shiners in shallow water from 2.5 to 3 miles per hour. 8. GOLDEN GATE BOTTOMFISH… The Farallon Islands are giving up limits of rockfish and lingcod. Shrimp flies, meta Y[[Hٝ\XZ]ܚ[ QTTˋKUTӈU8)]\ۈ\HXB܈ݙ\Z[ˈ\Z] Yܘ]\[H\H[\[]]YX\\B\ [\˂L SUHQSPQ8)X[\›وY[XY\H[H[]K\[\\HY[Kܛ\[ܚX]܈X[ܘ[ؘZ]˂LKSRH8&)\[Z][\\H[[\]X[]HZ[˂YYH[\[\X\\ܚ܈\[HYZ]X\܈[\˂ S[HTY\X\[Xܙ ][YH\[\UZH[X\[LԕQђT8)[Z]قٚ\[ܘX\HH[H܈[\™\\[H[\܋Y[[\Y\]Z\HY\ RSӋL˂UVHTSӸ)[X[X\[[X\H\[]ۜZHXH[H]^H[\\H\[ۈX[ۋZ[\[\[Z]܈X\˂M PTSSVHӔ)BX\HX[X\H^\[H[˜Yۜ\HX\[[^H\\\[[›[\[\HX[\\HH^\X\˂MKSQTPSUTQSPQ8)Y[XYX\ۈۈH[Y\X[]\[[X\[HXٙ[X\H KH[]H[ܚ[ MRUUTQSPQ8)Y[XY[[]\YۈHZ][X[X\[XZ[[X\H\[[ۂHۙ][ۜˈH[XHY\˂˔ S[KB S[HH\\X[[ B M M N