Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3624 Nov 10-24 2017 - Page 28

26 SALTWATER Nov. 10 - 24, 2017 SALTWATER REPORTS: CONTINUED FROM PAGE 22 BODEGA BAY cont. improve as they move closer to the coastline for the spawn. The popular campground and launch location, Lawson’s Landing at Dillon Beach has applied for an amendment application for an improved wastewater system to improve showers, full hookups, and bathrooms at their site, and a hearing will be held on Wednesday, November 8th, at the Bodega Bay Marine Lab at 9:00 a.m. to decide the fate of this application. They are also proposing improvements to the roadways and buildings around the entrance of the campground that would reduce traffic congestion and improve services available for our guests in that area, and they asking for as many supporters possible to attend the meeting, and volunteers to speak to the commission to help keep their prices affordable. According to Lawson’s Landing opponents to the amendment are asking for a complex and expensive system that would jeopardize the feasibility of affordable camping or even possibly create the financial risk of keeping our doors open to the public. Those unable to attend the meeting can send emails to the California Coastal Commission no later than 5pm Friday November 3rd at NorthCentralCoast@ including in the subject line: Public Comment on November 2017 Agenda Item Wednesday 10a - Permit No. A-2-MAR-08-028-A2 (Lawson’s Landing) The work at the Westside Launch Ramp is completed and the ramp is scheduled to open for the opening of recreational crab season on November 4th. - Dave Hurley Jeb Bunker caught this big leopard shark while fishing South San Francisco Bay on October 9. Photo courtesy of JEB BUNKER, Sacramento. GOLDENEYE 2000 56’ High Speed Stable Catamaran Halibut•Stripers•Rockcod Captain Quang Vo Call for CRAB COMBOS! VOL.36 • ISS. 24 HALF MOON BAY Dungeness Crab Season Opens, Salmon Season Closes EL GRANADA - The arrival of Dungeness crab seaso 2vǐF6FVBWBbb&B6W''vW2b`&7'Bf6r6B( FR7&"VW"2FR&vvW7@WfVBbFRV"W&RvFFP&rG2F&RgVvF%n( 2bFR6w&VG2fVB@FRV6&2'W7B2ƖPFRBF2GW&rFR6VW"vVFW&RvW&R6'0&VBWBFvvvBrFR7&"VW"0V6&vW"FFR6VW"( 6V6f6r66V@7F&W"37B'WB2bFPffWrF2bFR6V6&fFR&FW'2B06FVRFvWBFR7F&VBFRw&VV6vW06B( RbW"W'2v2667FVFǒ&VV6F6pf66vVBRFW"7GW&PFFBR&fFR&@VBF&VRBFVBRFR7B6GW&F( Ф6FFGGW66bFPVƒ6Bv2WB66GFW&pB6VvVVBR6B( FPw&gv2WB6f6p&WGvVVFR'V2BFWVBRB7BR&V@3FR6VƖ2fP&VVv&rfW"FR6fbbFR'&VvFW"2vV06FRbFR&&"2FW&P&R7F66֖rFFP&&"( ХFR6vRFWF&W7G&7Fআ2VBFfWvW"bFRVƗG&6f6FBvW&RfVBBCfF2'WBFW&R&R7FVGbfW&֖Ɩ2B'&v2vFvW27FFr( vRfR@6R&&W"&VR&6f6FVǒ( Фb&7'Bf6pv&RffW&r&6f6G&0F&VvFRVBbFR6V6vRGGW66BFRVƐ6B2FRǒ&vR'G&BffW&rFR7&"&6f66&FG&2Ɩr6B7F26vV@vFFR&r7vV2rFP67FƖRfW"FR7BGvvVV2'WBFR&FR6V@&fR2FR7vV&62f`BFRƖw2fR66W"FFR6&VƖW2F7vgW'FW"'F6f6FPGVvVW727&"VW"vV@FfW'7&vFVB6f6W BFR&66&VƖR&Vf"F6RF&vr7&"6&W0FVBvF7VB"6fW2FfRW&W6B7FWfR6֗FG&fVVBFRvFvg&6( 2VV7VF&rF2&rfW&֖Ɩ&6f6vRf6r&WBFRvFVvFR7F&W"RvF2'&FW"6BW26֗FF6W'FW7b4Ĕd$Dt5%Dd4r&W&VWFW6RvW'2FV&VBWvFVvFRƖw2vRf6r&&BFPW"7F&W"BF6W'FW7bU"5%Dd4r&W&VWr&p$44Bb5$"4$04D5@DRd44ddU FW&WBf6W&( 2v&bFW'GW&W2ࢃsCcS&&BFRS>( 7W"&GBc( 6V&66d44ddU DtD( "&6f6( "7& ( "6( "GVvRf66ffW"6У3SFW'G2Fǒg&FR&W&VW&wwrvFVWS#6Х$U4U%dD3ScFvF7V'67&Frf&RFFRf66ffW"FvBFRg&GVW2"vvR( "Ɩ'W@( "6BF'0( "7V@( "6W&V33s"sCCwwr7'Ff6r6