Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3624 Nov 10-24 2017 - Page 21

FRESHWATER VOL.36 • ISS. 24 WHAT’S HOT Mother Lode, but the bite turned off, and we struggled for the rest of the day. We tried sturgeon fishing for a while, but the jump- ing sturgeon only taunted us. No bites appeared on any of our rods, no matter how hard we stared. After switching back to striper fishing, I landed an eight pounder that was 26.5 inches in length. I knew it was too short to win anything, but I kept it for tacos since we didn’t have any fish in the box, and we were about to leave anyway. We were packing up to leave at sunset, and the outgoing tide was just about slack. My rod got hit…and then nothing. I kept an eye on it. A few seconds later it got hit again, and bent down to the water. “Fish on!” I relayed, Nov. 10 - 24, 2017 19 Continued from page 1 and Jason got the net ready. The fish swam out to the side of the boat, then went straight down, peeling line in the process. I muscled it up, but it kept mak- ing runs any time I made prog- ress. I kept saying, “Taking line, taking line” to let Jason know the seriousness of the situation. “It towed us sideways” Jason remarked. I looked and noticed that in the waning tide, the fish had pulled the anchored boat in a semi-circle from our original po- sition. My heart was racing. Was this the derby winning fish? After about a five minute battle, the hook pulled free, and I was left to wonder about the one that got away. After a bitter ending to the day, we planned to change gears and fish for salmon on the following morning. To say that we had a non-stel- lar day of salmon fishing on the second day of the derby would be an understatement. The result of trolling in the Sacramento Area all day? One four pound salmon landed by Jason. Despite another slow day of fishing, the beauty of the Rio Vista Bass Derby is that it gives you three days to fish. There’s always a chance for some last-minute glory. On the third and final day of fishing, Jason and I decided to go back to the Collinsville area to hopefully redeem ourselves by striper fishing. I do a lot of game planning around the tides before any trip to the delta. The previous trip had shown me that the fish were on a really tide-dependent bite. The hour before and after the slack tide was the only time we had any Andy Doudna of Oakley won first place in the adult striped bass division success hooking keep- of the Rio Vista Bass Derby for the second year in a row, winning $1500. ers. Therefore, I knew He landed a 31.46-inch striped bass, just under the 31.5-inch target that we really had to length chosen for the derby. He was bait fishing when he hooked the fish make the morning tide at the tournament running from running from October 13-15. change count. Teresa Lewis of Lodi came in second at 31.19 inches. Mike Parker of We started soaking Antioch placed third with 31.18 inches. bait, and right away According to Barry Ca Wf&bf6W"7'Ff6rFR7FvRB7G&W'26֖pv2( &WGGvB( 7FRbvGvVFW"FFR&B6( 0FRF&vWB7GW&vVVwFv2SR6W27W'F2W2b7F6F&Bv2f&R6Pvf'7B6RFR7GW&vV6WFFvrCSf"6F6rvBR&VV6V@f6V7W&rS26W2RW6VBv7B6&fbFV6W"6BF&VR7G&VB&72'&BW2b7F6F6VB6V6BvFS26W2vRVv66V7WFfR67G2&6BbFf6VBF&BvFScR6W2আ2WB67BFR6PVfg&W2bVFrf7FFf'7B6RFR6Ff6&BVvvVBFvFvF#"r&6Rb&f7F6VB6V6BvF#2'2@FRvFW"BR@7W'F2W2b7F6F6VBF&BvF#""'2আ2fW'F7G&W"bFPVWfVזV"B66RBvFR7G&W"Ff6bFRG2FW&'&rVBW'Frf6W7FǒFRF&vWBVwF#B6W2F2f6&WBF&WVBvW"&f7F&72FW&'FR7F&&&B6FR`FR&B66V&V@ג&G2Bw&&&V@FRWBgFW"p6R6R'V26V6VBFRf6FFR7W&f6R@vRvBvƖ6R`BF&VvFRW&vFW'2( 6R^( 6BBvR&F7F'FV@F涖rB6V@&RFRvFV3P6W"f"FRFW&'gFW"FRf6FPR7B&Ɨ7FW&p'Vv2fǐ&RFWBB6PvRBFRf6FR&BvRv@6RW'7V7FfRFR6R( WW"FVV>( f66ffW"fVBVFF"6fW2&W'FV@&V&VBF涖r667FVB7FGW&rFR#r&f7FFRf66VB&P&72FW&''WBFBFF( B7FB0'FW"66&Ɨ6Rg&Fr6WfW&rVG07G&W'2WF#VG2"&RFRFPF'4dU2f66ffW"7FfbV7W&R&VB3`6W2FFRf&VFf6FR&W7BbFRf6FRFB3rR6W2FFPvRFVBFBFvW&RFPFbFRFF&rf"FPfW"FVvBVB&vRgFW FW&'F&vWBVwF'WBG&6F6rRVWW'2vRvBf`f6RFRW72FRvFW"BvFfW"FPFF( BvBFvVvFRf67W7VFVB'FRvW"r66R&'WBf6FVFW"FFPFW&'F22B7W6VBF&Rv@FVv6BFF( @f"FV"7W'ff7FVBvP6RvvFFW&'f2ЧW6VBVwFFvVvB6'BvPF&W2FRWW&V6Rb66pfVBFRvV"B6BFRbЧF&VR7V6W2b&vRvVf6W&vRvVvBf"3r67G&W FR6Ɩf&FVFv2&Wv&BЦ2#rVG26vRW7FFV@rG2v&vBFR( PG2vVvBB#VG2FBvBv( 7F'vVWPgFW"6RV6F2vP'W7VFWBV.( 2FW&'&WffVBB&VV6VBFR&vP6VV'&FrcV'2b( FRV6&RVvVN( B&VvSvV&7FvW"FWfVVBVVRWFBf"V7FrfFFRVb&BF2&V6Pv2V&N(J"67G'V7FBB&V2BFRV'BbWfW'&7FvW"BǒFW2F2&&WF'WFB7&VFRvW.( 2fVBV6&ƗGB66G&'WFW2w&VFǒFFR&FRVƗGBfW&&FrWW&V6RUrsDTFRWrFV6&W2FR6762W&FvRbFR7BvFWr~( ЧvFW"Bn( vW"FVWfVRV#^( G&6Wr'VB֖#RvgVVF6W&FRf6&&FVBf"RV6"F2BV6&Rr7F6vFƖ֗FVBf&ƗG6vW27F'BBC32S6f"FWF2s#n( 3#C3c#0SS3>( 3##b( 2#pW"&&VFVW f"V'0332VVG7G&VW@B4Cc`wwrWF&&FF'66Ф&6W24TDRg&VvBb&WW2FbƖ6V6Rǒ