Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3622 Oct. 13-27, 2017 - Page 8

FALL FISHING BOAT SALE! 6 Oct. 13 - 27, 2017 VOL.36 • ISS. 22 Celebrate the Fall Fishing Season in your New Boat! Page 6 • Vol. 36, Issue 22 October 13 - 27, 2016 To Check Out Steiger Craft Boats Drop By The Boat And Motor Mart On Kennedy St. In Oakland, Ca.! A 2 0 1 7 C LO S E O U T 1 7' A RI M A S EA R A NG ER Beautiful Cuddy Cabin design with fibreglass dual hull construction, full canvas, 27 gal fuel tank, molded in fish box and cooler, Yamaha 115 hp HO outboard, galvanized trailer and much more! C AL L F OR SPEC I AL C LEAR ANC E PRICE! 2750 47th AVE. • SACRAMENTO, CA (916) 428-3917 3622 lan Steiger founded Steiger Craft Boats in 1972 and Mr. Steiger continues overseeing the Steiger Craft opera- tion today. Steiger’s boats became popular with Offshore Commercial Fishermen along the Eastern Seab \قH[]Y]\X]\HوZ\YKBX[\[[Y\[[Z[]X[]K[[&\Y\[HH[\H[BKZ[[X\[K[XZ[Z[Y[ۙ[\[]X[]H] \ݙ[[YH[YZ[HHX\ۂ\\X[[ݙ\HؙH۝[BYH\\HZY\ܘY]˂XܙX][ۋB[\\Y[Xۚ^YZ\YY\H[KB[\^B[YHۙ˜[XB]ܛH܂\[[XܙX][ۈ]HX\HوXZ[KB[HZY\ܘY]Yܙ ݙ\ ]X\[BZY\ܘYH]HY[XY H[\\\\Y[YHYHHZY\]]X\]\X\[B\YHX[]ZY] \[XHۙH B]\ˈ]Z[XH[   L [[ˋHY]\[܈܈[H][YY SSQTQSSTUSYܙXH[X[ۈ8(VQ[[[8([BUT &HUSB'H[YܛXH[\\'BYK[\ܝHB]X[ܙBRQTёԑBYHYHHZY\]\HH\[YH[Z\\B\X]\[HقLLۙB[[\”ZY\ ܝЂZHH M&KL&H]YH^B܈ܙ\[\BԑQԈ 8&HPQB([\[[Y\X[]B(YܙXHXY8(X\H[[HBLMH LLM̌Z[ۈ ][[[Z\B͌ۈ[Z]YX[ۈYB۝Z[]X[]H[X\[YBHY\XH[\˂[ܝ\[YܛXH][[܈X\وZ[ K\ž[\ٙXX[ZY\ܘYX[\ZY\ܘY\H\YHXB\[\X[HY\[[]Hݙ\Y[Y[Y\˂HX[H[Y\[\ۜ\[YHX[[[\H\Yۜ˂Y[x&YZH^\Y[HB]X[]HوHZY\ܘY] H][[܈X\8&\]Z[B][ۈ[Z[] [YBY]܈]H[HH[] LL B LM ˘][[ܛKB\ K܈[][H\ܛX[H[Y]KXYHۙ\&\X[X[YܙB\][[\ۙHX\[HX [^\X\H\ۘ[][ۂ]XH[H][˂˘]X\]\ ]8(˘]X\]\X\[KBH[ []ZY\ TܝЈ\\YۙY܈H\KB\\\X[[Z[[\]Z[ BXH]]X\]\X\[KۙHقHXܘ[Y[\Xx&\\\\[]X[\\˂]\H\]HZY\[]\\š[[YYXY][ ][Y]]\HۜXYوX\[HܘYH[[ZKB[H]XX[[\XZ[[BYH\\[ܜ[ۈ]XZ[Z[B[Z\[Y\[[ˈZY\]\H[[Y\Y܈X\H]XX[]\H[YK[وZ\[\HZ[\[H\HZ[ܙYY[\H[KBܛZ]H[H\[][[ۂY\۝[[\H܈[[[XX[]KZY\]\HZ[\[H\ B[Y[H[H܈YY[[X[ۋZY\[Y[Y][ۘ[[H\܈^\[ۘ[Y[[ [وHY[[\HXY[BX܈[ܙX\[H[\[܈\XBXH[ܘYK\[\Y[BX[]KHZ[\Yۈ\X[YX\Y܂[Z[HX\\H\K\[\܈Bܝ\\X[]\]Z\\HۙKBXH]]\\[܈YH[[[˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈX]H[[]\وZY\]X\H۝X]X\]\X\[H] LMH LLM܂\][Hۛ[H]˘]X\]\ ]