Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3622 Oct. 13-27, 2017 - Page 4

2 GO FOR IT! Oct. 13 - 27, 2017 “When I am fishing a frog or flipping matted vegetation, I am throwing the new X-TCB 8 Carrier Braided Line form P-Line. It is critical to be stealthy with both techniques, and with P-line’s new braid, you can make longer casts and it is ultra quiet com- ing through the grass.” – Bass Pro Bryan Thrift VOL.36 • ISS. 22 PRO’S POINTER HOT BITES... 1. WEST DELTA STRIPERS - Stripers are hitting well from Pittsburg to Rio Vista. Trollers work Yo-Zuris while bait anglers soak shad, bullheads and mudsuckers. 2. SANTA CRUZ ROCKFISH - Hot rockfish and lingcod action is creating excitement. Shrimp flies work well, along with metal jigs, soft plastic swimbaits and mooched frozen baits. 3. SAC RIVER KINGS - Guides and private boaters are having good success on kings up to 30 lbs. Flatfish work early, cured roe works as the day goes on. 4. BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR TROUT - Fall is in the air in the Eastern Sierra and Bridgeport Reservoir is producing trout to 6 lbs. PowerBait, worms, flies and Rapalas are all good offerings. GOOD BETS... Tactical . GETting it done. as an angler, success depends on the tactical decisions MADE long before you get to the water. You need every possible advantage to compete with the serious anglers of today. that BEGINS with your line. derived using the latest in raw material and extrusion advanceme PPSSUTۙ\\^[YH[\X[]HSSTUPSQӓS XYH]\Y]Hۙ\ [[\H[ܛ\ۋUTSSPPSSԓTӋ]Z[XH[ L\ X\˂KPQHRH8& H\\H[] [Hܚ[H]\[YYH[\YYY\ \[\[\X‘Y\\H[ܚ[˂RHPP H[Z][HXX[]™\[\ۈ\܈\[[  ˈš\ YYZ[X[YY]Y\ŒL  Y]Y\ ˂SUHS H[Z][B[X[ۈ\Y[^[ۙH[]K[Hٝ\X[YYޙ[Z]\B[HX܈\ H˂ UQSӑTRS HHZ[]]H\܈\ [\ˈYYY ^[ۜ[YHY\Y  HY]Y\ܚH\ QTTˋKQHVHђT HH\XY˜\HۈHY]K[\Y\\HHX\]Y][Y[ٝ\X[XZ]˜\H][Z\˂L PQHU HHXYH]\\ٙ\[\[܈ۜ[Z[ˈ[[\\H\[[\X\[[\[HH^\XYY[\˂LKRTSVHTSӈ H\[ۈ\B[[YY[[Y\]\\X\˂\[[ۈH\HZ] ]]8&\]B[\[Y[ۈ[˂ S[HTY\X\[Xܙ ][YH\[\UZH[X\[LSTUPHSSӈ H[\HZ[]Y]H[][\H\[\]\B\H\Z] ]YH\\HZ[Z[ۂ[\[Y˂RSӋL˂SRHU H]Hؙ\\˜HܙX][YH\]ݙ\Z[˂YZ][[]Yܛ\HH[™܈\][H\˂M SUHUTQSPQ BY[XY[[]\YۈH[]B[ؙ\[XZ[X\Hݙ[X\H[۝[[ۘ[[\[][ۈB^][Y[ MKSQTPSUTQSPQ BY[XYX\ۈۈH[Y\X[]\[[X\[HXٙ[X\H KH[]H[ܚ[ ˔ S[KB S[HH\\X[[ BMRUUTQSPQ HY[XY\[[]\YۈHZ][X[X\[XZ[[X\H\[[ۈBۙ][ۜˈH[XHY\˂ M M N