Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3622 Oct. 13-27, 2017 - Page 34

32 Oct. 13 - 27, 2017 BAJA ROUNDUP VOL.36 • ISS. 22 Vol. 36 - Iss. 22 Pg. 30 October 13 - 27, 2017 BAJA TIP OF THE WEEK When trolling for marlin and other species off the Baja Peninsula, the conventional reel is king. At times though the best action comes while fishing inshore with “fly lined” live baits, basically a baitfish tossed out without added weight. For this sort of fishing conventional gear will work, but a quality spinning reel designed for fighting saltwater fish can give you a big advantage. The new PENN Conflict II line of spinning reels are perfect for this type of work. The PENN Conflict II features stealthy cosmetics, a smooth HT-100 carbon fiber drag system and a light- weight design, making it the lightest PENN reel to date. The RR30 Rigid Resin body and rotor are extremely lightweight and durable – 20% lighter than the first-generation Conflict. The next generation of PENN Conflict reels combines the comfort of a lightweight reel with the durability expected from a PENN. Addition- ally, the Leveline System places the line back onto the spool with little cross over or large gaps when being re-spooled. The Conflict II is also updated with PENN’s CNC Gear Technology and high quality stainless steel ball bearings, making it the ultimate PENN inshore reel. Tips For Cut Anchovies W hen I used to read about fishing folks using cut anchovies to catch stripers, I came up with the logical question to ask, “Why would a striper eat a cut anchovy? After all, in the wild, who would be cutting the anchovies for them? Wouldn’t it seem unnatural to find a per- fectly sliced piece of fish in the middle of nowhere?” Such are the wonderings of a preteen mind, I suppose, and many decades later I am still asking that question. Per- haps I am overthinking the problem, as I have learned that the striped bass can be as much a scavenger as it is a predator. Even lions out on the Serengeti aren’t above eating something some other critter killed. Over the years, I have caught hundreds of stripers on cut bait, mostly anchovies, fishing for them as I would fish for planted trout, with a sliding sinker rig, 18” of leader to the hook, with the rod resting in a rod holder, and my big butt planted in a director’s chair, staring at a bobber attached to my line. This is a very social sort of fishing, with anglers lined up on the bank, baits in the water, time passing by while wait- ing for any signs of excitement. It’s the kind of thing we retired guys do to get out of the house so we don’t have to fol- low the wife around the mall doing the married man death march sort of thing, and we’re not particularly keen on catching those namby-pamby planted trout. As it can be with every other activity worth pursuing, there are little tips and tricks that will up the odds of a striper gobbling your particular offering instead of the guy’s next to you. Let’s start with the rig itself. Typi- cally, a sliding sinker rig will employ a gadget that your line feeds through and also holds your sinker. One of the best ones on the market is the original “Slydo”, although there are some newer and fancier (m &RWV6fR&GV7G0f&R6ǖF26RGv6W2@f"FR7B'B&VfW"FR6BЦVf"6W'2WFGvV6W27BgFVFW&R2FFVB&V@&WGvVVFR6ǖFBFR7vfV"67vfVFB2FVBFFRƖRFW&P2VVBFW6Rf7v72&VBW&RЧ7F2&VBvFfR&VBVrw&VV&VR"&6FR6"bFR&VB6( @FRFffW&V6RאWW&V6RvVf6rFRFƖvBW'3vWfW"vVf6rBvBvfPBF6Rvr֖ЧFRF&&VBऒW6VBFf&vFRW6R`67vfV&w27V62F2&Vr6WvB`VFW"6"&VfW'&r&&V&r7vfVRW76fRV&VBfW"FPV'22FBvVFR7G&W'2&R&FrB2W76VFFvWB&B&6WBFFRvFW"2V6ǒ276&R6RЧFW2RvBf"W'2f"FrFVFV66b&7276W2'BRF( BvBF&RfFFƖr&V@Vrf6vVR6V6ǐV6VFW"GF6&V&FVBVFW FFRƖRBvWBB&6FFRvFW"r6W2FR'BvFFR7W@6fW2&Vr&6FגFЦW66VBW6w2W6VBFF72WBvP6fW2f"&BvRFW"B&P7V66W76gVvW'2vW&RW6r7WB&BgFW"V'2b7GV&&&W72W6pvR&G2B6F6rfWvW"f6FV6FVBFFR&2bFR7WB&@7&vBBǒFB7F'B6F6r&Pf6FR7WB6fW2BFvF66R&Vǒ6Ɩ6W&F'2FfBW@WfV&R7V'FRG&62vVW6r7W@&B'WBFB26WFrf"WBFRUBDSrVG2"F0vF7WB6fW24ED0'7FWfP( Ć( P4D5BDRd44ddU sCcSFbRvVVF2"VfRW"W76vRW"#BֆW"&V6&FW"d44ddU"DtDwwrf66ffW"6ФFvF7V'67&Frf&RFFRf66ffW"FvBFRg&GVW2"vvR6V6W2WBvRf66ffW"6"VFvF7V'67&F4f66ffW"6ХFW6RfƷ266&VB""VgGVBgVƖ֗G2bF&FvRf6rfbFRV7@6RF2fF6W'FW7bdt$U"$U4%E2V7B6R&&VWFgV&V6&W6'B6FV@bv&WGvVV@6&6V62&vBFR6Vb6'FWf6&( 0V7B6R@'FfW&GVv( 2&V6&W6'@7'V6W"6vW26VFS&f"BvG2RF2"F2bf6rF6R'&Vf7BbV6#gB7WW&7'V6W"r6FbFP6rf"f&F3#0'FfW&GVv( 2&V6&W6'@6Fg&VSScrӃSS"wwrfW&GVv6&V6&W6'B6ТC##bsc"S"c#BCSBRâ'FfW&GVv&FwWB׀