Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3622 Oct. 13-27, 2017 - Page 33

SALTWATER VOL.36 • ISS. 22 MONTEREY BAY 31 Oct. 13 - 27, 2017 Fish ALASKA Point Lopez Trips Produce Big Lingcod, Rockfish MOSS LANDING – The bottomfish trips down to Point Lopez continue to produce superb lingcod and rockfish action. Twenty-two anglers fishing at Point Lopez aboard the Kahuna on September 28 experienced “another stellar day with limits of lingcod and rockfish. Most of the fish were vermilion up to a whopping 10 pounds,” said Carol Jones of Kahuna Sportfishing. The total score was 11 copper rockfish, 44 lingcod, 20 canary rockfish, 82 assorted rockfish and 107 vermilion rockfish Point Sur trips have been also producing solid action, with most trips shelling out limits of rockfish and some limits of lingcod, Jones reported. The last trip on September 26 produced 135 rockfish, 5 cabezon, 8 lingcod and 10 cabezon released for 14 people. A local trip produced limits of rockfish and 5 lingcod for a charter of 9 anglers on Saturday, September 20. They fished off shrimp flies, tipped with squid, off Point Pinos for their fish. For more information, call (831) 633-2564 or go to: http://www. Anglers fishing out of Chris’ Fishing Trips produced solid rockfish action, but slower lingcod fishing on the weekend of September 30-October 1, 2017. The 40 anglers aboard the Star of Monterey landed ¾ limits of rockfish and 12 lingcod on September 30, while the 16 anglers on the Caroline bagged limits of rockfish and 1 lingcod. The 24 anglers aboard the Checkmate bagged limits of rockfish and 2 lingcod on October 1, while the 6 anglers on the Caroline nailed ¾ limits of rockfish and 2 lingcod. “The fishing was good for the anglers who worked up the coast for Rock fish early in the morning,” reported Todd Fraser of Bayside Marine in Santa Cruz. “There were some nice lingcod caught near Natural Bridges. “The white seabass are still being caught near Monterey. The wind was blowing hard in the afternoon so come early. For striped bass, Fraser 3102 P.O. Box 39143, Ninilchik, AK 99639 Official IGFA World Record Lingcod caught here in 2007 Fishing: “Barn Door Halibut” • Salmon • Rockfish • Ling Cod Two 30’ Alumaweld Boats with Cabins and Bathrooms Deep Creek, Anchor Point & Homer Lodging: Alaska (800) 567-1043 Clean & Comfortable, Lounge and Full Service Bar, Great Food, Conference Room, Satellite TV, Sleeps up to 24. Fish with the Smith Brothers – Alaska & California’s Finest! C aptain C hris s mith & C aptain J onathan s mith 56' Fiberglas Charter boat -- daily Departures from Berkeley Marina Book Your CR AB COMBO Today! Dungeness Crab, Rockfish and Lingcod Call Now (510) 223–5388 The fall striper bite has been excellent in San Francisco Bay recently, as this happy angler will affirm. Photo courtesy of BASS TUB SPORTFISHING, San Francisco. recommended throwing hair raisers and Kastmasters near the Capitola and Santa Cruz wharves. PENINSULA SHORELINE City Beaches Deliver Striped Bass, Perch SAN FRANCISCO - Perch and striped bass fishin rv0W6VVBf"vW'26r&@rFR6G&V6W2F2vVV2vG2BFR7vV&VV@vV&RvW'2&VvrFFR&PFf6rw&Wf6V&fVB7G&VB&72B7W&bW&6@f&W0&V6W0FW'Frg&f6W&( 2v&b( "6g&6664dU"drFR6G6&VƖR6&W2Vv2f6pV"FR6ƖffW6R6V&V6#bBfVB6"Ч6VB2^( &'&VB7W&bW&6W6r.( &W&VW6Gv&Ц6&Ɩ&rf7F"'fW6VvB#>( 7G&VB&72vPf6r6B7&'2FR6@&Vb6V&V67F6FRbFR&06vVBF7&v66&FrF7FVfR66GBBwW>( F66V@&BBF6R( Ēv66VBFVR&R( Ч6RW6VB( FW&^( 26WPbwW2BFRfW72W G'rf"W&6vF7VB@6&'WBFW( &R6F6r&P66VBFFr( ФFW&W7BƖ'WBv26r@FR&W72FR( 2&B7&03c# &VFF"7'Bf6p6w&W2( "w&VB&FW0W6VVB7GW&vV&72@6&f6rFR&( 0&W7B7&Wr3Csr3C"ӃC( "wwr7&77'B6Х4( "$4d4$4d4( "$4$P$4$P4# 3c32#Sc@3c32#Sc@vWBFFRf6rw&VG2vW@f7BFW 6'FW"w&VG0&B72f7@FrFW&WFRS( f6pW"S( &6'FW &@70FpФFW&W&uurT5%Dd4r4ЧwwrV7'Ff6r6УB#2tDTUR#Sn( v7VVB7F&R6F&VVV7'Ff6p`V'G0Ɩ'WN( %7G&W'>( %&66@6FVpf6f 5$ 4$2r&p4&W6W'fRW"FFW2r3CCR3crScwwr6fW&f7'Ff6vGFW'26Х6VRW"vV'6FRf"FWF2r&pĔ%UBb4E$2&W&VW&FW'GW&W2vF6B6BWW&V6Rb6f6rBG2&W7B6FF( "Ɩ'W@( "6( "7G&W'2( "&6f6( "7GW&vV( "6&( "ƗfR&BFV6$4%DU"$E0SS##Pwwr&6'FW&&G26ФFW'G2Fǒg&FR&W&VW&wwrvFVWS#6Х6Ɩ'WB&72FV63S6B6&2GV&FW'Frf6W&( 2v&b( "4`b&7'Ff6rBF6PƖvBF6R&6f6pcSs#33sp( "6f6rvVvVB( ( "vRvF6r( ( "GW&RG&2( ( "gV&BBF6R6( "B&& R֖W2'Fbb&wwrf6v&B6Чwwr&f6r6Ф67BwV&B&fVB&fW767&Wp3RV'2WW&V6VB6F$U4U%dD3ScuӃsbu2f6FW"6'BGFW ( "~( vFR4B67&VVrǐ( "FW&FV( "GV&vRF7( "67Rf6gV7F( "vW&gVcvGB6FW ( "&GFF67&֖FfVGW&P( "BV6&RCsP6f"FWF2$DRTT5E$50#SR6VVfR6F7'W43C#S"330