Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3622 Oct. 13-27, 2017 - Page 13

VOL.36 • ISS. 22 Oct. 13 - 27, 2017 Outboard Motor Shop In Oakland Is Closing Out 2017 Boston Whalers And Stripers! O 11 See the new 2018 Models! akland, California’s one and only Out- board Motor Shop has been solving problems for boaters in the East Bay and beyond since 1926. That’s 85 years of customer service! So what does the Outboard Motor Shop offer? A better question might be what they don’t of- fer? Well, not much! Let’s start with boats. If you are looking for a new boat for running the bay, Delta, ocean or large lakes you’ll find offerings from Boston Whaler, Striper and others. In addition to new boats, they also offer an extensive selection of used boats. Right now Outboard Motor Shop is closing out their 2017 Boston Whalers and Stripers. Maybe you’ve got a boat and you need a new motor. You’ll find all the major brands in attendance including Evinrude, Honda, Mercury and Yamaha. In fact, Outboard Motor Shop is currently offering special prices on Mercury 4 stroke outboards. 180 FISHERMAN GRADY-WHITE 228 HARDTOP Okay, you’ve got a boat and a motor, 'WBFBG&W"bW'22G27BVr( W"vVVFRfƷ2BFRWF&&BF 6v&RF6rRFRG&ЦW'2FWffW"g&6f2G&W'2BUFW"G&W'2&G2F"BG&W'2ǒ67&F6FR7W&f6RvVB6W2FFRvG2@6W'f6W2^( fBBFRWF&&BF 6FW6VFbFRƖRVV7G&70&6RFr7F'G2@BFW6fW7B&W@FWfR6f266FRgV6W'f6PFW'FVBWF6BFW7V6ТC3R3sR&W&rvV6Bf6W2WF&&BF 626FVB@332VVG7G&VWB3c# Bf"&Rf"ЦFR6G&'vfRFVЦ6BSS32У#"f6BFVЦFRvV"BwwrWF&&FF'66^( fB6W2f"FWF2B7V6&6rvWBW"6&BrC3sccwwr7f&R6Ч'G2B66W76&W27F&RFRvV'6FR#FV2&R6֖r6V6WBFW6R#rFV44TUB$4U2#r&7FvW"FVFW70#rFV66VW@6vvFFWVVB#r7G&W"#6VFW"66Pe$TPW&7W'"V"WFVFV@v'&GCCrcP6WFR6vRvFF&r&GV&GFW&W2r6&vW"'FGF&Vf&R&6&W7B7W62W&7W'SB7G&Rvf旦V@FFVG&W"BV6&R6f"7V6FV2W&7W'B7G&RWF&&G26f"FV2B&6r#rFV66VW@C3ÓP6vvFFWVVB6WFR6vRvF7ƗB&r&&r7W6"VFW7Ff6r6VG2ƗfWvV7VF6W&7W'SB7G&R7W7FV֖VG&W BV6V6&Rs#n( 3#C3cSS3>( 3##b( 2#pW"&&VFVW f"V'0332VVG7G&VW@B4Cc`wwrWF&&FF'66Ф&6W24TDRg&VvBb&WW2FbƖ6V6Rǒ