Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3618 August 18- September 4 2017 - Page 8

BASS ANGLER NEWS! Aug. By 18 - Sept. 1, 2017 6 Brought To You VOL.36 • ISS. 18 Vol. 36 - Iss. 18 Pg. 6 August 18 - September 1, 2017 Lorenzo Rossetti & Lamaj Plaza Take 2017 UFC3 Title on River2Sea Frogs T he 3rd annual UFC “Battle of the Frogs” event presented by Gone Fishin Marine lived up to the hype as 150 teams converged on the California Delta at Russo’s Marina to test their skills in a unique competition that allowed them to use ANY top water frog bait on the market to help coax the California delta’s monster largemouth into biting. And despite temperatures and tides that were very favorable for the event, most teams found an extremely tough bite during both days of competition, finding either very few bites, or just a few quick “blow ups” followed by long periods of dead space. But tough challenges fall right into the hands of delta veterans like Lamaj Plaza and Lorenzo Rosset- ti, who’s modest first day weight of just 9 pounds (for 3 fish) quickly morphed into a 6-fish limit The team of Aaron Cervelli and Mike Spencer took the amateur division’s top spot scoring big on the first day weighing in a 17-pound 3-fish limit, followed by small limit on day 2, that was just enough to allow them to hang on to the lead and capture the UF &\[X]]\]\[ۈ]KHSHTT˂ZY[X\H [[[[Bܝ\HY[[\\HZ\\[[X]H[[H]KZ\[Z]\[ܙYHHK\[[]]YۈH]\XH[BHX[Y[H[X K []\XH[H[ۙ^K[[]\8$܈H ܙۜX]]HYX\B8'X[[Xx'H]\BH]\XHYHٙXKHX[HوX\ۈ\[H[ZZB[\H[X]]\]\[۸&\ܚ[YۈH\^HZY[š[H M\[ Y\[Z] YBX[[Z]ۈ^H ]\\[Y[[H[ۈHXY[\\HHQ&\[X]]\]\[ۈ]KH\[\]\˜\[Y\]\X\]Y[H\\]H8'X[[Xx'B\]][ۋH[ܜ]]\\^\]B][ [\XX[HB[\][YH]˜\]KH][\&\”\]ܜ[ZH™^[\[\H[܈[\\ܝ \H]H˜۝[YHœݚYH܂[HH[^][[Y\XK[H\[YH܈[\[YKYH][ܘ\ ]\Y[[YB[H^][Y[ H΋˙XX˂KMM NLLMLH NM LM “^\8)H [X[]\XB[8$ZH8'HQTH\Z[X\ZH\ M[ M[]وۛH\[\ܝBH۸&]]H[[H]\][\[HQ][ܙH\[^\[]\YܙH\[Y\\X\[[Y[[SSQUBPH8'[X]8'H]KX]^H^B][[[[HXH[8$\܈\X\][˂HYH[H[\HB[\&\”\“]ܜ•HTQUшSQHSTBQ̈QTPP8$THPTPTU BSHVSH 8'HHPVш L8'H BSUSTSВSHUPBQHḦQTSPSӈBSHUUSӈUˑQ̔QTBSVTHTTRQ(ӑT8(ST8(SԑHPTSӈTTSUH[V\H\Y[[HH[X[ۈو\]”TTRQ8(܈ MH\XX[H]YZYX]\\›X^[][HX\[ۈ\\[K^[Y[H][^\[ۘ[\X[]K]Z[XH[YH[\ܙY[ L8$ “UB[V\KB[XZ^H[ܙ[]K8&\[\\^HZYو\B[ ܈ \ H]ZXH[ܜY[H Y\[Z]ZY[X\B[[[[Hܝ\HY[[\\HZ\\[[X]H[[H]KHSHTT˂ظ&\X\[B[X]]\ۛBۙ\\[Y[]܈\H LBH[H[[X]]\\[\܈\\YH]Bظ&\X\[Hو[\܈\[\]ظ&\YB[\\Y\[H\H[YXH\H L[X[ظ&\X\[Hۙ\ \Y\\XX][ۈ\[Y[]X\ZHۂ\[X\][ L ۈY^K\[X\ L][[XZ[[ZHXHH  8$ H]ۛB\H\[ˈ\[Y[YY][Z\XBY^HY] MHKۙH\]]܈]\H\[ H]\^HYYH\[YY܈[\]]ܜ[H][ HYH\] K[H]\H\[[[BYK\H[H[\Y[Y ][\[[HۙHوHX[H\]\[š[HX\ZH\XH[[YHX[[HHZ[[H]\YHYKظ&\X\[HY[Hۈ[\\[H][H]Y\[ۜˈH[HYH܈BSUT™][\ []\[[ۜ\H]Z[XKPTPTTۛH\H\[]Y] MHZ\BSUx(TQTSTV[V\HY[ۈ[\XH Z\ܝH\HٙXX[[܈H][ XX[H]\\B]Z[XH\H[Z]Y\و]\˜\H]Z[XH܈\HH^Z[]H[ \]˚ݘ\[˘H܈[  B LNML܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ܈XZBH\\][ۜ˂ظ&\X\[H\]Y] MZ[BY[[\KH JH MLKLMK˂؜X\[KXK