Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3618 August 18- September 4 2017 - Page 34

32 SALTWATER Aug. 18 - Sept. 1, 2017 VOL.36 • ISS. 18 SALTWATER REPORTS: CONTINUED FROM PAGE 29 PENINSULA SHORELINE Perch & Sharks Replace Halibut & Stripers As Main Quarry SAN FRANCISCO - Interest in plugging for halibut and striped bass waned over the last two weeks as fishing slowed, while perch and sharks were available for bait soakers. “Its a shame because it was really good for a while and now it’s really slowed down,” exclaimed Stefanie Scott at Gus’ Discount Bait and Tackle in San Francisco. “There are still guys fishing at Crissy (Field), Baker, Ocean and Pacifica Beaches. Hair raisers and Mickey Jigs are working, but these guys are putting in their time,” she tipped. Anglers in search of perch were being sent to Ocean Beach by Scott. “Give some shrimp or pile worms a try, or you can dig your own sand crabs,” she said. “A few guys are fishing the city side off the Embarcadero for sharks, but they’re always there if you try. Use squid or a big piece of mackerel,” she added.. – Roland Aspiras Fluorocarbon In The Bay, Part II The salmon bite is on for anglers fishing with Captain Les of Fish On Charters out of Bodega Bay. This beautiful fish was landed on July 24. Photo courtesy of FISH ON CHARTERS, Bodega Bay. Go Fishing with Cal! I had dumped mud and sludge and t was in early March several years debris into the water. It was so foggy ago, when I decided to exercise my rod and reel a little bit by tossing a you couldn’t see the end of the pier. 3/4 oz. hair jig off the Torpedo Pier in But in this case and many others, flu- San Francisco. orocarbon made a difference Of, course, nothing when it shouldn’t have. was supposed to happen In the last article, I because it was too early in mentioned that fluorocarbon the year for striped bass to even made a difference live come down into the main bait drifting for those goofy part of the bay, so I didn’t cross-eyed halibut. I was expect much to happen. on a private boat drifting When I finally parked anchovies with the usual the car and walked out onto three-way swivel drift rig the pier, there was only one when the guy next to me shadowy figure out there kept banging on the halibut. by Steve exercising his tackle as He was also using a tradi- “Hippo”Lau tional well. I found out Matt also three-way swivel drift had a case of cabin fever rig so I was perplexed as to and had a hankering to make a few his success. He confessed later that it casts; in this case by tossing an identi- just looked like a regular drift rig, but cal 3/4 oz. hair jig. the leader was tied with fluorocarbon. The tide turned and picked up speed. That is the reason it is hard to de- I was retrieving my jig about a foot tect when someone is using fluoro for under the surface of the water when a a leader, because it looks so much like silvery fish with black stripes took a regular nylon mono that unless you swipe at my lure. “MATT!” I shouted, know what to look for, it will escape “A fish just came up!” your notice. Matt threw a cast in my general di- I didn’t want to believe that using rection and hooked up... the first fish of fluoro will be such a difference maker. the season! I cast again, and again, and Why? Because 1) over the decades, again. Not another fish took any interest I have caught thousands of fish with- in my jig. Matt, however, just hooked out using fluoro, and 2) fluoro isn’t up and released his sixth bass. Was I cheap! I guess a possible third reason frustrated? You bet! is that so many waters I fish aren’t so What was Matt’s secret? He was clear such that I would feel it justified using the same lure I was using, and using the expensive fluoro. his main line was the same 12 lb. green Success, however, is a strong P-Line CXX, a combination that has argument for using fluoro on a more produced hundreds of fish before. That regular basis. Sure, you can stick with day, however, the secret was that he tradition nylon mono leaders and still had tied on a six foot long fluorocarbon catch fish, but why not tip the odds leader. more in your favor? I couldn’t believe that could make a difference. It was March, winter rains SALTY TIPS Join Cal Kellogg & Capt. Hayden Mullins For The Experience Of A Lifetime! Lingcod & Rockcod Fishing At Its Finest! Fish With SF Bay Guru Cal Kellogg Sept. 8th • Emeryville Marina GREAT PRIZES! INCREDIBLE FISHING! LIFELONG MEMORIES! Presented by Cal Kellogg School of Fishing & A Sheldon Bright Production. 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