Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3618 August 18- September 4 2017 - Page 16

14 Aug. 18 - Sept. 1, 2017 VOL.36 • ISS. 18 CDFW Issues Permit To Kill Endangered Salmon & Delta Smelt In Delta Tunnels T he deal made between the Jerry Brown and Donald Trump ad- ministrations to fast-track the construc- tion of the Governor’s Delta Tunnels project, an alliance that I predicted on election night 2016, is becoming more apparent every day. On July 28, the California Depart- ment of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), under the helm of Director Chuck Bon- ham, issued an “incidental take permit” for the construction and operation of California WaterFix in “compliance” with Section 2081(b) of the California Endangered Species Act (CESA). The mission of the CDFW “is to manage California’s diverse fish, wildlife, and plant resources, and the habitats upon which they depend, for their ecological values and for their use and enjoyment by the public.” However, in an apparent violation of its mission, the permit allows the proj- ect to kill state-listed species, including Sacramento River spring and winter-run Chinook salmon, Central Valley steel- head, Delta and longfin smelt and other fish species, during the construction and operation of the two massive 35 mile long tunnels under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. “Issuance of this permit represents another significant milestone in the WaterFix planning process,” proclaimed the announcement about the permit on the California WaterFix website. “As described in the permit application, WaterFix will implement measures for construction and operation of the proj- ect to fully mitigate the impacts of any incidental take of state-listed species, and will provide additional protection through real-time operation of the facilities in a manner that avoids and minimizes incidental take.” Representatives of fishing, conserva- tion and environmental justice groups were reviewing the over-200 page document at this time. “A number of the staff and attorneys of various organizations are examining the documents for the possibility of lit- igation,” said Bill Jennings, Executive Director of the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA). The complete incidental take per- mit is available at: http://cms.cap- CaliforniaWaterFix/uploads/CWF_web- site_2081b_072817.pdf A number of issues with the inciden- tal take permit and related documents are apparent after a quick look at the permit. First, the operations plan in the permit and the EIR/EIS recently re- leased by the Brown administration are different from those proposed in the petition for water rights by the Bureau of Reclamation and Department of Water Resources to change the points of diversion for the Central Valley Water Project and State Water Project. They are also different from the biolog- ical opinions released by the National Marine Fisheries Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that claim that the tunnels will not harm endangered fish species. Second, there is no signed and com- mitted adaptive management plan or plan to finance adaptive management in the incidental take permit. Third, the federal biological opinions that approved the construction of the tunnels project need to be followed by a subsequent biological opinion so the tunnels can be connected to the Sacra- mento River. “The federal government has only released a biological opinion on the construction of the tunnels—the public will have to wait for future biological opinions on the intakes and operations of the project,” explained Jennings. “In essence, they’re asking contractors to commit to paying for construction without knowing how the projects will be operated and how much water can be exported.” On July 26, the Trump administra- tion released a no-jeopardy finding on the biologica 76W76VBF'VBFPGVV26֖rFBFR6Ɩf&vFW$fvBV&FRF&VFVV@"VFvW&VB7V6W2"GfW'6VǐFgFV"7&F6&FBFR&Цv62f&RW&SGG3wwrgw2vb6f&FVF&FD6Ч6W'fF6vFW$fFWFФfW"F2FW"fW"f6r@Vf&VFw&W2fVBGvw7VG06VvrFRG'VF֖7G&F( 0&v62W&֗GFrFP67G'V7FbFRFVFGVV2FPw7VG26BFR&v60&R( &&G&'6&6W2'W6R`F67&WF( ХFRw&W26BFRGVV2vV@FfW'B֖Ɩ2b7&RfVWBbvFW g&FR67&VF&fW"&Vf&R@&V6W2FR6g&666&FVFW7GV'FrFBg&W6vFW"fw0&R( 'F7V&ǒ'FN( FVFЦvW&VB7V6W26VFr7&r@vFW"'V666VG&fW7FVVƆVBw&VV7GW&vV@FVFBvf6VBFRvFW"vvF6'&FPw&'W6W72FW&W7G26WFW&6Ɩf"ЦvFW"vV6W2B6W06GV7Frg&6rBFW"WG&VPWG&7FWFG2FRw7VG26FBFR&rЦ62BǒVvgVǒfF&FV7BFfR6BFW"f6g&WF7F'WB( r&fW"6FЧF2FFVw&FRgW'FW"( Ю( FV6FW2b&W6V&6B7GVGFV7G&FRFBV7W7F&RFfW"Ч6bvFW"g&FR6g&666&W7GV'2FR6vR7B'F@f7F"G&frFRFV6ƖRbVW&W0f6BvFƖfRVF2( 6@F&6VfVBVB66VF7Bf FR&7FGWFR( FRGVV2F@6vRFB&VƗGBVFW"v'W2( FFfRvVVN( &Цw&FBVG2Fv6gVF涖r( ФfW"FR7B6WRbvVV2FRW'''&vF֖7G&F07W'&VBFRw&FbVf&VFW7F6RGf6FW266W'fF7G2@7&V6rV&W'2b6Ɩf&2''F&6W &&FFr&r( 2Vf&VFФ'&v2( 6ƖFRVFW.( BFPǒVW7B6BG&FR&"3( &W67F6^( FG'VR2f7@F&VvFRVv6GW&S&frFP6&&FrvFFRG'VF֖2Ч&VVrbFRFvW&W266v0G&FFRFW7G'V7Fb6FPGW&v27F&vRf6ƗGB'FW 6g&666&&FVFBvW7@&6Bw&VVƖvFrFRfvV@67Bf6W&W2BFRFWf7FF`T2T"F7VVG2W&֗GFrFR66Ɩf&'FRf76gVVGW7G'7G'V7FbFRFVFGVV2FR&VV6RbFR4Der6FVFFRGFW'2v'6RvfW& FRW&֗B2W7BFRFW7B7F'&v6vVB2WF&F&&VB'W'''&v( 26vFVFW 67W6r"37&F72b&7F6p6Ɩf&( 2f6vFƖfRVR@( f&2bƗF6FW'&&6FB&PVf&VBF6W'fRFRw&VVBb&p67&rFVFW&֖RFRW&6rB&r77FVbvfW&6^( FW'fWpfV''V'bGvVfRV&Ɩ2FW&W7@vFFfBw&VVRb"Fw&W2VB'67VW"vF6FpV&Ɩ2&FVǒ#SGG&BBfBbvFW"vF6VfVVBǒ&TS6sb&Vr2FR&VWfBWЦ6&VV6fR( &W'B6&N( W''6W'Bg&FRG&67&C'&vF֖7G&F( 2Vf&VF%$tVvRƗ7FVVBF&V6&B6vrFBRf26'B6f&WGb2g&f&WG`WBb6WfVW&V26VFrG2bfWrB6RbFRfưG&Ɩrf76gVVvVW&FVBVV7G&6GFRVgB6BR6( BFưF2V֗762FR6Ɩf&Vf&ЧF6W2&RRFƶrFVFVƗG7B67F&FV7FFR6&W"b6W&6S&RPBvFW"&VBFR&W'B( Ćrw&VVFƶrFFRf&'W&VSFN( 2W7@2W'''&v( CGGwwr6Ц'&&R7VW'vF6Fr&r6'&vw&VVBFVFRFW"6FRFRv7G&VWBW&B6RbFR&WV"ЦƖ67Ff7G26B^( &R&WV&ƒЦ6R6( BfFPf"6WFrF@FV7&BvV@( "&fW76ǐ7W'BvV&FbF6Rא7FV@fWr&Rf&2`( "7W7Ff@ƗF6FW'&&6Ю( "6RFFB&R67&p6W'f6PFVFW&֖RFPW&677FVЦbvfW&6RvR琧&W'FW'2@VFF'2FP7G&VVFB6R66V@( FW&Ff^( VFCBGvB&B( "V'W&cCR6f27B( "&6Ɩf6VǒFW7BW''S3Ӄs#Pbss2s330E$U"D4U0FRd$UDD"4p3Sp&FV@vFW WFF"&F6p7@f"#bV'20&"60f6r( "VFr( "FW7FF066W'fF( "7F'FVF6FVBFFP'FW&6Ɩf&WFF'6Ɨ7FVWfW'6GW&F&pg&RF$"404Ĕd$( 0tU5B%TpUDD"DIJ4r