First American Art Magazine No. 22, Spring 2019 - Page 97

ART+LIT TM: What projects are you working on currently? And do you have any new books or collections in the future? HE: This is terrifying because I just got done with a huge push to take New Poets of Native Nations out into the world, and I’m in “heidbearnation” until 2019, so I don’t want to think ahead too much while I am lazy. Let’s peek: I mentioned my first solo visual art installation at Soo VAC; that’s all text and image work presented as installation, projections, works on paper and in vinyl, along with a community-made work. Also, in 2019 I’ll work with Rosy Simas on creating a project titled No Known Word. I’m pretty excited for the 2019 opening of Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists, a trav- eling exhibition of women’s art of Native America. They let me select the literary arts. The women involved in curation are an amazing group. It will be spectacular. My writing? Sigh. I have a creative nonfiction manuscript I keep tearing up, adding to, reorganizing. My two poetry manuscripts have titles but not a publisher. Verb Animate is poems and essays written for choreographers. Another poetry project is Little Big Bully, very personal and risky for me. I’ll send those out in 2019. It takes forever to get a poetry manuscript to print. If I have another book published in the next ten years, it will be the most surprising thing about the apocalypse. HEIDERDRICH.COM SPRING 2019 | 95