First American Art Magazine No. 22, Spring 2019 - Page 96

ART+LIT above Andrea Carlson (Anishinaabe), Long Weekend, 2012, ink, oil, watercolor, graphite, and gouache on paper, 40 × 55 in. Image courtesy of Bockley Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota. opposite, top Heid E. Erdrich and Louise Erdrich (both Turtle Mountain Ojibwe), detail of Agency Apophany, 2015, installation. Photo: Heid E. Erdrich. opposite, below Aza Erdrich, Pallas Erdrich, and Heid E. Erdrich (all Turtle Mountain Ojibwe), detail shots of Agency Apophany, 2015, installation and text, Bockley Gallery. Image courtesy of Heid E. Erdrich. landscape except George Morrison. I’m the worst person to be the one to pick. It’s such a personal choice. What will people need? Maybe a Christi Belcourt for the beadwork patterns of plant knowledge. We could not get cave paintings or earthworks in a capsule. Hmm, if they were reading those books above, I’d love a Jim Denomie in there and an Andrea Carlson, but they are my friends and inspirations, so I can’t tell if they would be full of unanswerable mysteries in the time to come. I’d refuse the task. I like ephemeral exhibitions rather than museum collections. The future best just paint itself. TM: Which artists are you most excited by, and can you discuss why? HE: It’s pretty clear from my poetry and film that Andrea Carlson is a kind of muse to me. There are universes in her work, and I can go there to figure out all sorts of things. My sister Louise has been 94 | WWW.FIRSTAMERICANARTMAGAZINE.COM painting lately, and I love her abstrac- tions of the writing process into lines. Her found-object works have fascinated me almost my entire life. We are about to revive Agency Apophany, our installation. We will do a Feast of the Apophany as part of the revival. Another artist I most go to for inspira- tion is Jonathan Thunder, who is just killing it with new work in large-scale animation and 3D printing. Jim Denomie tells present events as Native American history through figures who are someone humorous, heartbreaking, alive. My art interests are as much about conversation with the artists and community as they are about my love of their technique or their subjects. I have a similar relation- ship with Christopher Lutter-Gardella, a sculptor. Choreographer Rosy Simas’s installations and paper sculptures partic- ularly resonate for me right now. It’s all about relationship.