First American Art Magazine No. 21, Winter 2018/19 - Page 53

LINDA AGUILAR your food in it. All of a sudden, she real- ized what I was talking about it. Most people want to know what you can do with them. Little baskets are often gifts. I have people that collect my baskets, a lot of little ones, that they give to friends, lecturers at the university, family. I tell people that the baskets have their own direction, they go from person to person; it’s very natural for them to be given on to someone else. really influenced me. Since then I’ve put sequins and old bingo chips and things like that inside the glass display cases with my baskets, inspired from my time at SAR and Denver Art Museum. Are you working on a thinking hat now? What color is it? I’m keeping mine for now. The one right now is not a thinking hat, but part of the hat series. Somewhere in all this is the idea of a magician’s hat. But, I’m also thinking of a dream hat. A dream hat might have five little hats hanging around it in a group. My hats might not be all basket woven. I may use other techniques and materials. These are still in the dreaming. It’s a black hat with the lining. I was thinking of displaying it on its side with things falling out of it. Every time I start doing a hat, I’m thinking of little hats in space. At SAR, I had baskets and little pieces of the quilts I had been thinking about all week. [Now I’m] thinking about making little hats and floating little dream hats. At DAM I had started a green hat. Hats change while I am working on them. I had gotten a big box full of brand-new Full of elegance, wit, and color is how I would describe Linda and her works. For more information, please visit: My friend bought a bunch of baskets. She said to me, “I have a confession to make: I never gave the baskets away.” [Both laugh.] Is there anything else you would like to tell readers of First American Art Magazine? The magazines are important to show- case Native arts. Whereas the institutions and exhibitions are limited, in the maga- zines I get to see people that I know and what they are doing. It’s exciting for me. When I go to a show, I am happy to see some friends and visit. Sometimes they give me ideas, too. Sometimes a jewelry maker using color will influence me. SAR I am still thinking about the creative hat floating above my head. [See profile picture on page 48.] materials … 10 to 15 yards of blue fabric with stars on it. I’m going to line the hat like a magician’s hat. I’m finishing the hat, thinking of putting bells on the inside. I made a few baskets with bells on the inside. It’s a surprise because you don’t expect to see or hear any bells. I like doing something that’s different. I’m on the edge working in. METISRAMBLINGS.BLOGSPOT.COM/2011/07/GOING- VEGAS-WITH-LINDA-AGUILARS.HTML SARWEB.ORG/IARC/NATIVE-AMERICAN- ARTIST-FELLOWSHIPS/2011-ARTISTS/ LINDA-AGUILAR WINTER 2018/19 | 51