First American Art Magazine No. 21, Winter 2018/19 - Page 42

top Southwest vitrine at Creating Tradition. opposite Northwest Coast and Alaska vitrine at Creating Tradition, including a Tlingit Chilkat blanket, circa 1890, and Raven and the Box of Daylight (2017) by Preston Singletary (Tlingit). for future generations.” 4 Other perspectives consider the pairing of contemporary and historical Native artworks almost offensive, since the widespread practice does not allow contemporary Native art to stand on its own or for the perception of the general public’s view of Native art to evolve. This debate will continue. The artists in the exhibit do not necessarily want to participate in this debate. They just want to create their art and find inspiration in whatever manner it appears to them. Many artists are glad for their art to be out there and seen. The artwork in Creating Tradition will be seen not only in the exhibition but also in books, other publications, and discussion panels. One such artist is Brian Zepeda (Florida Seminole), whose beaded bando- lier bags are featured in the show. “My Ancestors’ artwork was the original inspiration of my artwork, but today I also find inspiration from my kids, who are always challenging me to create new art,” Zepeda says. “Two of my kids attended the opening and told me how they hoped [the] general public would take the time to look at the art and appreciate the beauty, time, and effort that each artist put into their pieces. I also had a few of the Seminole children tell me how proud they are to see the work of a fellow tribal member being recognized on a global platform. The intent of my art is to simply share it with the world, and I am happy to see people just take notice of it, much less appreciate it.” 5 The exhibition is visually beau- tiful. Credit goes to Disney for utilizing their Imagineering resources to produce Creating Tradition in a manner that is both interactive as well as informative. Art can be seen as well as heard. Musical creations, ranging from flute playing to rap performed by Native musicians, is heard in surround sound. Three interactive stations in the guise of campfires are placed throughout the exhibition space. When guests wave 4. Della Warrior in discussion with author, September 2, 2018. 5. Brian Zepeda in discussion with author, August 13, 2018. 40 | WWW.FIRSTAMERICANARTMAGAZINE.COM