First American Art Magazine No. 21, Winter 2018/19 - Page 28

left Famed horseman Charles and lifelong educator Ramona Real Bird grace the audience with their presence. —NS Lydia Falls Down, the 2018 Crow Fair Parade manager, created a special category: the Adali and Norma Falls Down 50th Wedding Anniversary. Its purpose was to honor couples married for at least 50 years, and Charlie and Ramona Real Bird certainly qualified—they have been married for 57 years. —DHW opposite Aubrey Meiwald attends Sheridan College and has garnered honors playing basketball. below Lacey Not Afraid walks with her daughter Austyn Fitzpatrick, who rides Apple Jax. I think parading is about family and showing the love you have for them. So much time and energy goes into making the beadwork, regalia, and horse gear. The beadwork in this picture was made by my grandma, aunt, and myself. My grandma made the dress. The day of the parade is a family effort—getting the horses saddled, kids dressed, and horses decorated. Austyn loves to parade and that makes all the hard work worth it. —Lacey Not Afraid (Apsáalooke) 26 | WWW.FIRSTAMERICANARTMAGAZINE.COM