First American Art Magazine No. 21, Winter 2018/19 - Page 13

LETTERS TO FAAM KUDOS I HAVE REALLY ENJOYED going through the back issues of the magazine and am looking forward to the next issue! Speaking as a new fan, we need more of what you’re putting out there in the world. Cheers to you and thank you for the work you’re doing! Gloria Shade Tulsa, Oklahoma We feel it is important to expand the Native art conversation outward and reach audiences from diverse disciplines. Best of luck with your endeavors with FireThief Productions! C "TIME FOR A NEW DISCOURSE" & EDWARD CURTIS T HANK YOU FOR BRINGING TOGETHER another edition of First American Art Magazine as you did with No. 20, Fall 2018. I found America Meredith’s “Time For a New Discourse” thoughtful and useful. Hopefully Native artists will lead us to a realization that art, as they describe it, surrounds and includes the world … both physically and spiritually. As an elderly non-Native artist and writer, I am refreshed and enlightened by the work of the courageous Native artists you describe. Their willingness to do everything in their path, beginning with self-knowledge and including teaching, carving, weaving, painting, and filmmaking, is an example for anyone who longs “to contribute to the world dialogue,” as Ms. Meredith wrote. The discussion about Edward Curtis’s photos and their place, or not, among Native people is really important. I look forward to reading more about that debate in future issues of First American Art Magazine. I read everything in the magazine: features, profiles, reviews, memorials. May your publication continue to shine bright lights on such remarkable people and their work. David Giffey Arena, Wisconsin Thank you for your kind feedback. We definitely are part of a global conversation and we hope, when confronted with what Native artists are doing today, audiences won’t be satisfied with clichés but will expect (and receive) more compelling and challenging approaches to Indigenous art from curators and art institutions showcasing Native art. ONGRATULATIONS on your magazine’s five-year anniversary. It is a milestone worthy of celebration. I also want to thank you and your staff for your efforts to include Indigenous art and artists from places other than the United States. As an artist, I learn a lot from those folks and am inspired by them. Finally, thank you for including stories about Indigenous artists that don’t always get lots of attention. There is an ocean of great work out there, created by all sorts of Native people, and a great deal of it is worth a look. Thank you for giving us a peek into that diverse world. Martha Berry Rowlett, TX Five years have flown by. An estimated 80 percent of maga- zines don’t make it to their fifth year, so we’re happy to show that First American Art Magazine is here to stay. We love to serve the people who already love Native art but also introduce new audiences to Native art. We try to cover the widest range possible of art venues and Indigenous communities, but we know we need to improve our coverage of art from Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. Scholars who cover Indigenous art from these areas are encouraged to submit their writing! Our submission guidelines are online at: We welcome your letters to the editor! If we print your letter, we will send you a free copy of that issue of the magazine. Please email your letters to: INFO@FIRSTAMERICANARTMAGAZINE.COM or­ mail letters to: FIRST AMERICAN ART MAGAZINE Attention: Editor 133 24th Avenue NW #126 Norman, OK 73069 WINTER 2018/19 | 11