First American Art Magazine No. 19, Summer 2018 - Page 19

I D Y L L W I L D partnership with the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC. Creating Tradition will feature works by artists such as Glenda McKay (Ingalik Athabascan) and Loren Aragon (Acoma Pueblo). Annie Aculiak (Inuk) and her husband Pierre Jacques are opening Annie Aculiak Studio and Inuit Gallery in Sechelt, British Columbia. Aculiak is a textile artist, carver, basket maker, and beadwork artist. Her gallery handles her work as well that of her relatives, including sculptures by her late brother, Johnny Aculiak (Inuk). A R T S Native American Workshops and Festival 2018 France Trépanier (Mohawk) resigned on February 20, 2018, as Aboriginal curator of Open Space Arts Society, a nonprofit art center in Victoria, British Columbia. The Aboriginal Curatorial Collective called for a boycott in applying for a full-time curatorial position offered by Open Space. IBPOC Victoria conducted a public forum and placed resigning board members as an interim board. Open Space is continuing to review its commitments to the Indigenous community and is conducting an equity audit. AWARDS & HONORS The Canadian Art Foundation bestowed its inaugural Wanda Koop Research Fund award of $15,000 to Tanya Lukin Linklater (Alutiiq). The Canadian Art Foundation named the award, which funds research by a mid-career visual artist, for Wanda Koop, an painter based in Winnipeg and the first artist to appear on Canadian Art's cover. The Vernacular Art Forum bestowed its 2018 Paul E. Buchanan Vernacular Architec \H]\\ۈHY“[[]H\ܚX[]H܈]Yܘ\\BڙX Y][ۈX[\ܚX\\][ۈٙX\[ܛ YT]]ZJHYHX[HZ[H[ \^YYܘ\\K]YX\[^\H\ܚX[]H\YHX۝XY]ܛH[[˂T‘ܘ[^H[\وH [X[Z[وX\\YHH\YH\]YH[\[\’[ ZXK\HXۈ \YH][ۊK\YX][ۈ[\\H[H[ۈ \YB][ۊKZ[\][X\ ]K[\NZZB\ \YH][ۊK\]N[HH \YB][ۊK\Nܚ] \YH][ۊKܘ\X“ܛXH\ ]PX\]KZ[X]\\[ZZH[\ \YH][ۊK[Y\[\\ˈܛXB\ۈHZ[وX\]\[H]H\\[\]\ [HYܙ \YH][ۊHۈB[X]YXH]\ [H NY[H B\\܈]]H[Y\X[Y[[Y]Z[XH܈[ܚB[[Y\Y[[\˛ܙ’Y[[\˛ܙۘ]]X\MLKM M̍B\HH[HPSL N܈ HٙوY[[\[[Y\Y[ܘ[\ˈ^\\Έ KNSSQT N M