First American Art Magazine No. 19, Summer 2018 - Page 11

ISSUE NO. 19, SUMMER 2018 FEATURES DEPARTMENTS Great Basin Native Artists: Giving Voice to the Land By Jean Merz-Edwards 24 Recent Developments 16 20 Th e Oklahoma Indian Ballerinas By Stacy Pratt, PhD (Mvskoke) 32 Seven Directions By Denise Neil-Binion, PhD (Delaware-Cherokee) 88 A New Era begin ]RPN\H[ۈ[\‘^X]]H\X܂H\ۈ[ܙ[Y\Š[Z[JH X[ۜ΂ Z\\]\][BH[XH \\[[\MXYۈHXYYX[ۜۈXY[\”\ܛX[K\X]\X[ [Y][H\XH]Y[H[ܛX[ UQU‘^X][ۈ]Y] ̂]Y] QUԒPSTTђSTM[[]ZYH][\[XZ\[[܂H[XHY[[[ [XH\ێ[\[XXHZ[\HZ[HY[ MX]ZH\Y[΂YKS]\YKP\YBZ[\H[ZH[  YJH [HYH[ێ]H^[B\\[[\\HXH]  ]JH X[\و[ܜ\ H^[H]X[XKSQSSԒPSB[Y\[B^]Z][KR\ZKBY^X[[Y\X[BHX[H\ \[[X\ HLZH]]ܛH [JBH[Y\XHY\Y]\YH][ۊHLݙ\X]ZHY[ YKS]\YKB\YJK^Y\܈HYI]\  [و[\ 0 H[[XYH\\HوB[H؛H]\][KܛX[ZXKSSQT N