First American Art Magazine No. 13, Winter 2016/17 - Page 18

Seven Directions Callie Chunestudy C ALLIE CHUNESTUDY (Cherokee Nation) currently serves as curator for the Cherokee Heritage Center in Park Hill, Oklahoma. She studied fine arts at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, and at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, where she earned her BFA degree. With a history of working not just for the heritage center but also her tribe, Chunestudy created ceramics at Cherokee Heritage Pottery, conducted historical tours, and worked as a cultural specialist for the Cherokee Arts Center and the Spider Gallery, which she named. A lover of both art and the outdoors, Chunestudy is dedicated to studying and defending Indigenous cultures and the environment. NORTH. I stand with STANDING ROCK. Water is life. In Cannon Ball, North Dakota, the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) threatens the land and water of not only the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, but also every community and ecosystem downstream. Joining to fight this threat is imperative in ܙ\\\HHZ\\B]\[[]X\H] \ܝ ۘ]K[YۈH]][ۈX\]\^X\]\BPT H[ܘXHXXYH\وX\\[\YH[X[]و\YKܝ\[K[YTSHSY\H\YB]X\\[X[\\\X][ۈZ\]XZ ZXB[[ݘ[]H]\HYX\Z\]XZ ZXKۂZ\[Y[X[H[[ݘ[\[\]H\[H\YH][ۘ[Y^KH[[Xܛ\ ^Hۜ܈\]H][ZHH\[B[H[[ݙ[X\[[[[[Z[Y\[YY\[HY^\ˈXX˘K\R[UKU[ LM LML͍N B\[H[\YKܝ\[BMˑTSQTPSTPQVSKBU \[KH[HHY[X\\ܙ[]܂܈HUPTTSPSTTTPUSӈ RPPJKHۜٚ]\\ܙ[^][ۂ]Y[ܝX\\ZXKH]\ۘHH[۝\H]ܝ[]Y\XۛYHX\\Y[[Xܘ]HۈڙXˈRPPHYZ[\\[[\YH\\[ܘY[H[H][Y[قZ\\\X\Y\YYY][ܚ[