First American Art Magazine No. 13, Winter 2016/17 - Page 14

Recent Developments MUSEUMS The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) selected Wanda Nanibush (Beausoleil Ojibwe) as its assistant curator of Canadian and Indigenous art, a newly created position. An experienced curator, Nanibush earned her master’s degree in visual studies from the University of Toronto. The Fralin Museum of Art in Charlottesville, Virginia, hired Adriana Greci Green, PhD, as its curator of the Indigenous arts of the Americas. Greci Green earned her doctoral degree in anthropology from Rutgers University and has served as a research collaborator at the National Museum of Natural History. This curatorial position was funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation was created by a partnership between the Fralin Museum of Art, Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection, and University of Virginia College of Arts and Sciences. The Best of Show award for the 11th Annual Cherokee Art Market went to Glenda McKay (Ingalik Athabascan). Classification winners were Bryan Waytula (Cherokee Nation), painting, drawing, graphics, and photography; Joshua Adams (Eastern Band Cherokee); Danni Hamilton-Youngbird (Navajo), beadwork/quillwork; Lucille Lossiah (Eastern Band Cherokee), basketry; Chase Kahwinhut Earles (Caddo), pottery; Charlene Laughing (Navajo), textiles; Peter Nez Nelson (Navajo), The Dennos Museum of the Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City broke ground on August 15. Its $5-million expansion will include a large gallery devoted to Inuit art. ART FAIRS Adrian Nasafotie (Hopi) won Best of Show at SWAIA’s 95th Annual Santa Fe Indian Market. The classification winners were Benson Manygoats (Navajo), jewelry; Al Qöyawayma (Hopi), pottery; Jason Garcia (Santa Clara), painting, drawing, graphics, and photography; Adrian Nasafotie, wooden Pueblo figurative carving and sculpture; Ed Natiya (Navajo), sculpture; Berdina Charley (Navajo), textiles; Leonard Gene (Navajo), diverse arts; Joyce and Juanita Growing Thunder Fogarty (Fort Peck Assiniboine-Sioux), beadwork and quillwork; Nicklaus Stanaland (Navajo), youth; Jordan Dresser (Northern Arapaho), Julianna Brannum (Comanche), and Mat Hames, moving images; and Kelly Church (OdawaOjibwe), basketry. TahNibaa Naataanii (Navajo), Classic Serape Poncho, 2016, wool. Image courtesy of the Museum of Northern Arizona. jewelry; and Glenda McKay, diverse art forms. Special award winners were Joshua Adams, Culture Keeper Award; Peter Nez Nelson, Innovator Award; Bill Glass Jr. (Cherokee Nation), Anna Mitchell Award. Henry Payer (Winnebago) won Best of Show at the Northern Plains Indian Art Market hosted in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, by Sinte Gleska University. Todd Bordeaux (Sicangu Lakota) won the Best of Fine Arts, and Emil Her Many Horses (Oglala Lakota) won Best of Tribal Arts. Division winners were Richard Red Owl (Oglala Lakota), oil and acrylic painting; Jackie Sevier (Northern Arapaho), watercolor, tempera, gouache, and casein; Jackie Sevier, drawing; Roger 12 | WWW.FIRSTAMERICANARTMAGAZINE.COM Broer (Oglala Lakota), printmaking; Randall Blaze (Oglala Lakota), 3D, additive process; Alfred Decoteau (Turtle Mountain Chippewa), 3D, subtractive process; Todd Bordeaux, jewelry; Henry Payer, 3D, mixed media; Randall Blaze, pottery; Gerald Yellow Hawk (Chey [H]\ZJKY][ۘ[ \[HXYܚ[Z[\X[Bܜ\۝[\ܘ\HXYܚ][ۚYH X[HZJK]Z[ܚ‘[\\X[ \]ۋUZ]ۂZJK]Z[[HޘX X[BZJK^[\[Y\\Y\“] [HZJKۘ[[۝[X]^ [HZJKY][ۘ[Z[[X[ޘX X[HZJKX[\[^[H[ [BZJKZ^YYYXK[H\ H]\][Hوܝ\\^ۘB[YY\^ۘKY] ܙ[X[H\][و\[[\H\YY\\]][ۂ^\][HX]\[H\\ˈ\]XZۈ\و]\XZۈH\Xܸ&\]\ [Z[XB۞][\]HۈHSH\]]\ \YX][ۈ[\\B[XHXZ[XK[H\[Y]B^\][]K\]x$X\[\H[[K\]x$\\\“\^[XK][x$۝[\ܘ\N‘[H[][x$Y][ۘ[ \]XZ\Nۈ۞[]K[\N”[[ۈ[[X]XK][N[Z[XH۞][\]K^[\$X][˂H\و[\܈H [X[]Z\][و\[[\KX]\[^\][H]Z˜\\[YHH]\][Bوܝ\\^ۘK\ZXXBX]X[ZK[^X]]]ܛKP[[BۈHSH\]]\ \YX][ۂ[\\H[^X]]]ܛP[[KY[Y[[ۘ[[H\][K\[[\[\XZ[HY^K][NZXXHX]X[ZKX][[X[[ۋ[] HX\]][ۈY]X\\\[X\]PTSJH[\Z[ZXKHXۈ \YH][ۊHۂ\وˈ]YܞH[\\Bܚ\YH[ \YH][ۊK[\[\HXۋ \[ܛXB\ ]PX\]K \