Hilti. Outperform. Outlast. Firestop Overview (continued) Test / Evaluation Methods Hilti has over 1,050 tested systems that provide firestopping solutions for joints and penetrations through fire-rated walls or floors. These solutions are proven to help minimize fire damage and provide life safety. The testing standard is ASTM E814 (UL 1479) for through penetrations and ASTM E1966 (UL 2079) for joints. Other standards that apply to firestopping include cULS115-05M (firestop testing for Canada), ASTM E 84 (flame spread/ smoke development), and ASTM E 2307 (perimeter joints). In some cases, Engineering Judgments may be required to address conditions where a tested system has not yet been approved. Engineering Judgments are official recommendations based on previously tested systems and, per IFC guidelines, must be provided by qualified technical personnel. Building Code The local and national building codes are the driving force behind firestop and its required installation in the building construction industry. These codes are written by the national organization and then adopted on the state and local levels of government. Local building officials then enforce plan design and the actual building process based upon these codes. Building Code (Year) IBC (2012) IBC (2015) Through Penetrations …shall comply with section 714 706.9 (fire walls) 707.8 (fire barriers) 708.7 (fire partitions) 709.6 (smoke barriers) 711.5 (horizontal assemblies) 713.8 (shaft enclosures) …shall comply with section 714 706.9 (fire walls) 707.7 (fire barriers) 708.7 (fire partitions) 709.6 (smoke barriers) 711.5 (horizontal assemblies) 712.1.4 (vertical openings) 713.8 (shaft enclosures) Firestopping is addressed in the International Building Code in the sections shown in the table below. Saving Lives through Innovation and Education The superior quality of Hilti firestop products helps ensure that spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases is restricted to firerated compartments to reduce the tragic loss of human life and destruction of property. Through a combination of innovative products, software and service offerings, Hilti is able to provide the most comprehensive firestop systems solution. Hilti is ready to be your partner throughout the entire firestopping process whether that be assisting with specifications, locating an independent certified firestop installer through Hilti’s Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractor (HAFSC) program, documenting firestop installations with the CFS-DM software or preparing your team and jobsite for inspection. You can count on Hilti to offer jobsite support and expertise. Our team of highly trained Fire Protection Specialists, Field Engineers and in-house Fire Protection Engineering Team are ready to help you select the correct systems and products to match your project’s specific needs. Membrane Penetrations 707.7 714.4.1.2 714.3.2 714.4.2 Construction Joints …shall comply with section 715 706.10 (fire walls) 707.8 (fire barriers) 708.8 (fire partitions) 709.7 (smoke barriers) 710.7 (smoke partitions) 711.6 (horizontal assemblies) 713.9 (shaft enclosures) …shall comply with section 713 706.10 (fire walls) 707.8 (fire barriers) 708.8 (fire partitions) 709.7 (smoke barriers) 712.1.5 (vertical openings) 713.9 (shaft enclosures) Hilti. Outperform. Outlast. Hilti, Inc. (U.S.) 1-800-879-8000 • Hilti (Canada) Corp. 1-800-363-4458 Perimeter Joints 715.4 715.4 Hilti Firestop Saving lives through innovation and education 5