FIRE Newsletter Q2, 2017 Volulme 4

F. I. R. E. Fully Informed, Reverenced & Encouraged NEWSLETTER Dr. Quintin P. Woods, Sr., Pastor Public Relations Outreach Ministry, Editor Mt. Mori h Missionary Baptist Church 2295 Dr. Harvey Riley St. NE Palm Bay, FL 32905 321-725-1791 ext. 201 Email: Website: Quarter 2, 2017 “He Has Risen” Congratulations to Mt. Moriah’s Drama Ministry and Mass Choir. On Sunday Evening, April 2, 2017 a beautifully written Cantata title “Innocent Blood” was presented. The Cantata was written and narrated by Minister Arthur Derico, along with co-narrator Tanya Russel and the Mass Choir, under the direction of Minister of Music, Mr. C. LaMonte Hogan and Organist Mr. James Culliver, complimented each scene with soul stirring music. The cast took the congregation from Jesus’ appearance before Pontius Pilate, to Herod the King and back to Pontius Pilate for a mock trail that falsely accused Jesus of treason against the Roman Empire for claiming to be the king of the Jews. They presented a beautiful and touching scene with Jesus being crucified on the cross. But all praises to God, on Sunday Morning two angels appeared before Mary Magdalene and told her “He Has Risen”. Talvain Durant, who portrayed Jesus, did an excellent job. Kudos to the entire cast, Marion Mills, Rennelle Moreland, Dea. John Hicks, Ben Johnson, Tom Gleason, Dea. Arthur Payne, Richard Jones, Otis Jackson and Emmitt Tolbert…. Job Well Done! Jesus' death was an essential part of God's plan for our salvation. It may seem strange to us today, but animal sacri- fices for atonement (reconciliation between God and humans) were very common in Jesus' time. Lambs and other animals were routinely sacrificed in the temple to atone for sin. God accepted the death of the sacrificial animal as a substitute for the death that the sinner deserved. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice to atone for the sins of all people. Through His death, we are freed from the deadly grip of sin. Jesus' sacrificial death offers us a chance for salvation and eternal life. You can see the entire Easter Cantata presentation on the website.