FiND iT FREDERiCK Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 71

ON A PASSION WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START CREATIVE CRICKET? Well, my three kids LOVE watching me draw. They enjoy watching a blank piece of paper turn into something they recognize—piece by piece—and asking questions along the way. Drawing has been my passion since I was a kid so it makes me happy that they show interest in art. In addition, they (like most kids) love watching videos on YouTube. They scroll through tons and tons of videos and re-watch them so much— even I end up memorizing some of the funny songs, phrases and characters that they find. While they do pick up some linguistic skills, most videos had little/no educational value and that sort of gave me the idea to start my own educational art channel for kids. So, I found a way to make fun videos for them to watch on YouTube, while watching daddy draw, and growing their brains at the same time. My wife came up with the name Creative Cricket and I think it suits what I do perfectly. Crickets are musical, creative creatures. When you hear one, it sounds cool and you appreciate its individual chirp as its way of expressing itself for everyone to hear. But when you hear a bunch of crickets in a field, it’s incredible! You get one big beautiful song—a chorus of crickets sharing,