FiND iT FREDERiCK Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 65

Collard greens that made a veggie hater swoon, a 7 cheese mac-n-cheese that is still appearing in dreams, and a sweet jalapeno cornbread that would make any southern momma proud. Featuring over 50 bottles and cans and 8 rapidly-rotating draft options, P.I.G.S. BBQ also offers one of the biggest beer lists found in any bar or restaurant in Frederick with a focus on sought- after and limited release craft beers from both near and far. It also seems worth mentioning that while you are literally dining in the middle of live soccer matches, the open portions of the walls are covered by nets allowing a clear view of the action while ensuring no stray back passes take out your half finished craft beer. The quality of the food, the generous portions, the stellar service provided during our visit by Jimmy D, along with the quirky atmosphere make P.I.G.S. BBQ a place well worth finding! Please be patient with the staff as they try to get away from the smoker long enough to get th eir website updated to reflect the restaurant’s menu and hours, as well as updating the catering web page. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook using the handle @PIGSBBQ. // Melissa Howes-Vitek (Inside Frederick Indoor Sport Complex) 1845 Brookfield Court, Frederick 240-629-8001 65