FiND iT FREDERiCK Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 63

P.I.G.S. has more than 15 years of experience and a barbecue recipe to die for. It seems anyone who has tasted their food can’t forget the epicurean experience. Catering all parties of the graduation, picnic, reunion, wedding and/or work event kind, P.I.G.S BBQ not only provides deliciously unforgettable barbecue, but they have the amazing ability to successfully cater everything from a small down-home, corn-hole toss type party to an elegant wedding for hundreds of your favorite fancy friends. Guests constantly inquired as to where they could get their next taste! Now those anxious for that next taste no longer need to beg an invite to the neighbors’ next party. In November 2016, the owners decided to open their sit-down restaurant when an opportunity arose to occupy a pre-existing space inside of the Frederick Indoor Sports Center (FISC). The obscure restaurant destination inside of the overhauled snack bar hiding within the sports complex is definitely one of Frederick’s well-kept secrets. We’ll admit it, the location is a little strange, and the mix of live soccer matches and barbecue nachos took a minute to get used to, but WOW this really is good stuff! Everything is made in house. No short cuts are taken in the kitchen, ensuring diners an authentic food experience. All of their barbecue is hardwood smoked in house daily, and all of the sides and barbecue sauces are homemade from scratch. They even pickle all their own vegetables, which brings us to those nachos. These are not like nachos we’ve ever tasted before, and we’ve eaten a ton of nachos. Tortilla chips, check. Barbecue chicken, check. Then comes this wonderful, delightfully light, yet flavorful pimento cheese sauce, followed by pickled jalapeño, pickled onions, pickled tomatoes and black olives. Imagine, if you will, a smoky, pickled, savory sweetness that just won’t quit. The menu offers a variety of ways to sample their barbecue with a by-the-piece, mix and match sampler of sorts. While the standard barbecue type sides are offered, they are anything but typical.