FiND iT FREDERiCK Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 57

meanderings strike strike a a CORD CORD COLOR COLOR CLIQUE CLIQUE CORD BRACELETS CORD BRACELETS CAN CUSTOMIZED CAN BE BE CUSTOMIZED RAINBOW IN IN A A RAINBOW COLORS. OF OF COLORS. …IN YOUR MAILBOX! FiND iT Frederick magazine is still complimentary. However, if you prefer to have the first look at each issue, $12 a year will get it delivered right to you. 17 N. MARKET STREET | FREDERICK, MARYLAND 301.668.8075 | Be the first to FiND iT! 1 YEAR/4 ISSUES $12 LOCAL FUNCTIONAL HANDMADE jewelry bath & body kids stationery home accessories To subscribe and pay online, visit › SUBSCRIBE Or complete the form on the back and mail it, along with a check for your $12 payment, to: Pulse Publishing, LLC 12 S. Market Street Suite 101 Frederick, MD 21701 *Make checks payable to FiND iT Frederick  THIS IS A GIFT! 19 N. Market St., Frederick, MD | 301.663.3632 @ShopTheMuse From: For gift subscriptions, full payment must be enclosed and sender should complete the form on the back with the recipient’s information.