FiND iT FREDERiCK Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 12

Sometimes when we’re putting together an issue of FiND iT, we focus on the season, or we pick a theme and move on from there. This issue didn’t play out that way at all...and I love it! This issue kind of found us. Every once in awhile, you come across people that actively seek to answer that siren song called passion. They stay a path that they hope will lead them toward a dream that finally becomes reality, sometimes after years of struggle and sometimes by what seems serendipitous. Nearly every article in this issue is about a business or service that started with someone’s dream to serve others. The married couple that wanted to share their Peruvian heritage, the graphic artist dad that wants to help keep the arts alive for kids, the clinical psychologist and his daughters that are devoted to making a difference for those in military service and so many more. Each story more inspiring than the next! So climb out of your box and try that new workout, experience a new cuisine, donate your time and talents to something you believe in. Spring is a time of awakening and renewal, making it the perfect time to reset oneself. We hope as you read through this issue, that you’re inspired to open your mind to new things, and that you feel compelled to take that path toward following your own hopes and dreams. 12 Melissa Howes-Vitek, Editor //