FiND iT FREDERiCK Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 10

“ Its All Yours” Exclusivity at The Lodges When was your last off site training, development or strategic planning mee�ng? If it’s been a while, it’s �me to consider a Lodges road trip! Boost produc�vity and moral by hos�ng a retreat for your company T�� ����� The exclusive use of our 63 well manicured, rolling acres Picturesque views of the Ge�ysburg ba�leeld and valley Complete [[\\Y]XH [ZHHY{[ۘ[[ B ]X\HY]و\{[HXHXܛ;睙HX]{Y[\”]HوH\]Y[\X[\X\”X\HYYY[\[\[\][\XH[]\YH;[ۜ”]]H[]\[H[[Y[{Y\“ۜ]H]\܈{Y\YY{[[[Y[Z[Z[YZH܈] [X\H;[•X[HZ[[X]{Y\[XY\\Z[[’Z\[ۈ^\[ۜHHTZ\[ۈX[B][[ۻ眙x&\]܈[ݚYH\[{[ۜXۚX [ܙBY[X]]BH\XYH\H[[\HX[H[[]]H[\ܛ\]\Z^YY[\܈XZ٘\ [[[\\YBZ[Y YX]Y][[\ܚ][HܙX]HH\X]X][\{[H]YH[H[\[ۙY Hݙ\Y]]HX[[{[ۜ\ \\\[܈[Y[{Y\X[Y]H\[H][\H[\HHܙX]YY\ [[]H\[[\ܛ\ \]\\[\[\H\[•]\[\ܛ\\܈H^{[YHYY{[܈[ݙ\Y]X]H  [KB]HH\XXY\܈[K\]\\[\[\Hۈ\[ Hۈ BH܈Y[HH\[{[YKH[ݙH\\H[\X[{Y\›و[[\^X\ٝ[YY{[˂ H[\{^\؝\Y {^\؝\H M̍B[\ QYH]  H L ˝[\]{^\؝\˘