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Thank you to all the FI2020 Week partners who brought together stakeholders around the world to identify the key next steps to advance financial inclusion.

Accenture and CARE International UK hosted a roundtable to discuss the findings in their joint report Within Reach: How Banks in Emerging Economies can Grow Profitably by Being More Inclusive, which proposes six key insights into how banks can effectively and responsibly capitalize on the opportunities of financial inclusion, based on an analysis of 41 banks across 12 developing countries.


The Channels and Technology team hosted a webinar discussing the results of their Digital Field Application (DFA) Case Study, examining the business case, implementation process, and effects of equipping loan officers with smartphones, tablets and POS devices at three microfinance banks.

The Latin America Hub convened stakeholders to explore how to best include and address the needs of especially vulnerable population segments in the region.

The Harvard Business School – Accion Program on Strategic Leadership in Financial Inclusion engaged with program alumni through a webinar on high-level findings from the FI2020 Progress Report on Financial Inclusion.

Accion Microfinance Bank in Nigeria held a strategic planning session on how to expand financial inclusion in Africa’s largest country. The key themes included increasing the scale of the microfinance banking sector, savings mobilization, MSME credit delivery, and potential opportunities in digital payments and channels.

Andares hosted a webinar in Spanish and English to report the findings from a comprehensive study of gender and leadership in microfinance institutions in Latin America conducted by Andares and EA Consultants, and funded by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) and Calmeadow.

AVAL Consulting hosted a webinar focused on the financial capability of persons living with disabilities in Ecuador, with the goal of establishing action steps for improving this critical life skill.

BRAC engaged local government officials in Bangladesh by inviting them to observe BRAC’s microfinance operations and discussing how microfinance fits into broader development goals. Additionally, BRAC held an internal debate with staff on the value of microfinance.

CGAP presented a session with GRID Impact entitled “Design is Not Enough: Using Behavioral Economics to Improve Financial Services for the Poor."

Freedom from Hunger hosted an online, social-media-powered event called "Voices of Financial Inclusion" to highlight players in financial inclusion in West Africa.

Good Return hosted two events, a Manila conference workshop on gender and a Cambodia workshop with the National Bank of Cambodia on their joint Consumer Financial Awareness Campaign.

GSMA hosted two webinars, one on the impact of mobile money on digital financial inclusion and one on the GSMA Code of Conduct.

The Helix Institute hosted a webinar exploring microfinance institutions’ use of digital finance.

IFMR LEAD hosted a webinar and employee engagement session with the theme of re-imagining financial inclusion through technology. A panel of experts from banking and finance discussed the role of research in promoting and developing digital financial services.

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