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FI2020 Week served as a launching point for conversations across the globe that focused on quality (the value to customers) and outreach (reaching more people, especially those most excluded) as the double heart of financial inclusion. In what was, essentially, a virtual Global Forum, partners participating in FI2020 Week hosted a wide range of multi-stakeholder events—roundtables, conferences, briefings, webinars, online conversations, internal employee events, and the like. The events helped to build momentum toward financial inclusion and brought together the leaders able to bring it about. We were heartened by widespread participation, and take it as a reminder that we are all connected to a larger global movement. It was inspiring to hear from people like Gerald M. Nyakwawa, who wrote “I'm following the FI2020 from Mutare, a small town in Zimbabwe.”

At most of the events, participants engaged with the content of the FI2020 Progress Report on Client Protection, Addressing Customer Needs, Fnancial Capability, Credit Reporting & Data Analytics, and Technology. In these pages you’ll find a few reflections on some of the main themes we noted: ensuring that digital financial services achieve their value; building financial capability so customers can act in their own best interests when using financial services; and making sure customers are always front and center of all that we do. One strong message we heard again and again was the importance of partnerships—of diverse stakeholders each playing vital roles in reaching last mile customers, and of the need to work together.

Throughout FI2020 Week, a broad social media campaign captured calls to action from stakeholders around the globe, highlighted key trends, and engaged individuals from Ecuador to Zambia to Nepal. In this e-magazine, you’ll see some of the images, tweets, and quotes, as well as reports on the tremendous array of conversations that occurred during the first week of November.

To all of the FI2020 Week Partners who created

such rich conversations—a big thank you! You’ve

helped set a powerful agenda, and people around

the world have taken note.

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December 2015

Susy Cheston

Senior Advisor, Financial Inclusion 2020

FI2020 Week Roundup

FI2020 Week Facts

34 FI2020 Week partners

14 webinars

30 conversations

Over 300 participating organizations

Over 700 participants in hosted conversations

57 calls to action submitted by stakeholders around the world

Over 100 calls to action generated during the week’s events