Final Girls Berlin Film Festival June '17 Edition - Page 6

Phantasmagoria The Betrayal (5:40) Written & Directed by Susan Young, UK, 2015 A woman trusts her psychiatrist, but becomes enmeshed in his prescriptive web. At its dark heart, The Betrayal is a twisted, deadly love affair. Earworm (5:06) Written & Directed by Tara Price, US, 2016 A lonely man battles with a tune that he just cannot get out of his head. (German Premiere) Normalized Woman (4:20) Written & Directed by Lo-Yi Lee, Taiwan, 2016 Her eyes are covered by bandages. She is blindfolded, fed and dragged; her body and mind are assimilated blindly and mindlessly. (European Premiere) Yuletide (4:50) Written & Directed by Marinah Janello, US, 2016 Krampus seeks revenge on children who spy on him by haunting their church services and C &7F2fW7FfFW26R2FRF&w&GFVbF&V7FVB'776fF&#`G&FFRvFbv&vF2W"fFW &W2W"f"W"FW"w2FVF66RFV6FW2FW"fFW"&V7FCF&V7FVB'V66#pƗGFRv&2f&6VBF6W&FRg&W"FvV&6W2F&W67VRW"6R&VƗW2&( 27F6vfW0W"&RvW"6R6VV7G27F67FVBbW"FBfVV2ƖR7FW"bFRv&B