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4) Time lines can only be constructed for annuities where the payments occur at the ends of the periods, i.e., for ordinary annuities 5) Time lines cannot be constructed where some of the payments constitute an annuity but others are unequal and thus are not part of the annuity 2. Which of the following statements regarding a 30-year monthly payment amortized mortgage with a nominal interest rate of 10% is CORRECT? 1) The monthly payments will decline over time. 2) A smaller proportion of the last monthly payment will be interest, and a larger proportion will be principal, than for the first monthly payment 3) The total dollar amount of principal being paid off each month gets smaller as the loan approaches maturity 4) The amount representing interest in the first payment would be higher if the nominal interest rate were 7% rather than 10%. 5) Exactly 10% of the first monthly payment represents interest 3. A Treasury bond promises to pay a lump sum of $1,000 exactly 3 years from today. The nominal interest rate is 6%, semiannual compounding. Which of the following statements is CORRECT? 1) The periodic interest rate is greater than 3%