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FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT Part 1: Financial Statement Construction Exercise Take the following results for JJ’s Jammers and create a Balance Sheet and Income Statement in the 2012 columns of the template showing JJ’s Jammers 2011 results (In alphabetical order). Make sure you make the embedded calculations for the caption accounts (like total Current Assets or Gross Profit) Accounts Receivable 77251: Cash and Securities 315954: Goodwill and Other Assets 448484: Inventories 40712: less: Accumulated Depreciation -594200: Other Current Assets 21349: Plant & Equipment 1023458: Accounts payables and accruals 373807: Accrued Taxes 19: Additional Paid in Capital 842967: Common Stock 179798: Long Term Debt 563748: Notes payable 10578: Retained Earnings 166634: Treasury stock (571,320) shares -25303. Cost of Goods sold 1158228: Depreciation and Amortization 83729: Dividends 5310: Interest (5.5%) 56000: Net Sales 1701013: Selling and Admin Expenses 247637: Taxes (33%) 51287. Part 2: Cash Flow Reconciliation Now that you have completed the Balance Sheet and Income Statement portion of the assignment, conduct a Cash Flow Reconciliation. You will need to use net figures as indicated by the line items. ============================================== FIN 486 Week 1 Assignment Part 3 JJ’s Jammers Summary FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT