2. Bare-faced makeup

The natural look has taken the fashion world by storm. Even catwalk models have ditched heavy eyeliner and extra blush to flaunt their fresh-faced beauty. The name is something of a misnomer; people wearing bare-faced makeup do have products applied to their face, but they are subtle and designed to look natural. A minimum of four or five products forms the basis for most bare-faced looks. Typically, the base is made up of BB cream or a light mineral foundation. Some may want to add a concealer or a light powder on top. Eyes should be completely natural except for a light mascara. For a more natural look, you can even go with clear mascara. Some au natural looks can be completed with bright lipstick for dramatic effect, but if you want to go with the spirit of the trend, you should stick to nude lipsticks or Vaseline.    

3. Minimalist wallets

Whether someone chooses to carry their stuff in a purse or pockets, conventional wallets stuffed with discount cards, coupons, and credit cards weigh them down and take up space. Luckily, the new trend of slim wallets has come to the rescue. Constructed with the minimum of material and cleverly designed to store your credit cards and cash compactly, some can be opened quickly and conveniently with only a pull-tab. Minimalist wallets are functional and fashionable. Available in several streamlined designs, they offer a sleek silhouette without the unattractive, unorganized bulge.