FLM: Did you work or stay home when you had the children?

TW: I was at home with Kai for 6 months and at home with Spencer for 4. When I had Kai, I was doing a couple things. I just graduated from grad school, I was

pregnant with her my last semester, so we walked across the stage together. At that time I was also still running my firm Discovering Public Relations. When she was 6 months old, I thought- I can’t give full time entrepreneurship the attention that I want to, and while it sounds counter intuitive and a little crazy, it was easier to go back to a 9 to 5 and be a full time mom than to be a full time entrepreneur and full time mom. I think a lot of times, I feel like society as a whole would really glorify entrepreneurship. Oftentimes when you are reading articles online and people are talking about their success stories, they’re only giving you the nice and fluff, they’re not giving you the down and dirty. It’s not as simple as people think that it is and I think if people are interested in entrepreneurship they probably should have access to both – how it can be really great but how it can be really difficult as well.

FLM: Who named the children?

TW: Amos gave Kai her first name which means Strong, it describes her well. We were in London and we

really liked the name Elizabeth; Amos is very much into history, so it’s Queen Elizabeth I, not the one currently on the throne. Ann is my mother’s middle name, she passed away prior to Kai, so we wanted to honor her in that aspect. Spencer is a family name, my maternal great-grandfather’s name is Spencer Jack; Amos’ maternal grandmother’s maiden name is Jackson so we extended Jack into Jackson to make Spencer Jackson and his middle name River came from the ‘River of Life’.

FLM: I’m only asking this because I can’t imagine having my son without my mother; what was it like for you being pregnant and not having your mom? I’m sure there must have been other female presences.

TW: It certainly was difficult not having her at this part of my life. She passed away, two to three years prior to me getting pregnant. I feel as though once my mom passed, I became extremely close to my three aunts, her three sisters. I have an older sister. My mother-in-law is a pretty amazing woman. It’s been difficult and there have been times where I think wouldn’t it be great if my kids knew who their grandmother was. She’s not a secret, we talk about her often – making sure her memory passes onto them.

FLM: How do you make sure Kai gets her time and Spencer gets his time, and make sure each feels unique, special and knows it?

TW: Number one, there’s not a good balance at the moment and it probably won’t be a good balance for a while. I told Kai that yes, it appears Spencer is getting a lot more of my attention. RIght now he does need a lot more of my attention. I’m nursing him, I need to feed him; essentially I’m at his beckoning call when he cries, so it will be unbalanced for a little while. That’s something we have to deal with as a family and when we're in a place where Spencer no longer needs this much attention, we can go back and ensure that she gets the time that she wants and needs.