FLM: Now let’s talk about Women Making Moves – when did you start that?

TW: At the current moment, Women Making Moves is going through a remake. I’m trying to decide what the next step is for it. I really enjoy that branding, so I’m certainly going to keep that name but what’s the focus? I launched it as blog in 2007, I met all these wonderful women and I thought people will need to know who these women are. Essentially highlighting the different things they have done in their communities, in their careers and I very much believe in women helping women.

FLM: How did you come up with the name?

TW: It’s been so long, I don’t recall how I came up with the name. I imagine it was a brainstorming session between Amos and me because it’s often something that we do. I’ve always been passionate about helping and advancing women and girls, that’s one of my primary focuses. I oftentimes live by the motto ‘Lift as you climb’. It sounds so simple but I just try to help others. I’m looking beyond just using my writing skills to highlight people on a blog and I’m moving to incorporating a non-profit aspect into it. It’s going to evolve into a much bigger thing than just what it was previously. So I’m really excited, probably at the start of 2018, to just relaunch something fresh and that I’m even more passionate about.