FLM: Where did you grow up?

TW: I am originally from Louisiana, from a town called Shreveport. I lived there until I graduated from Louisiana State University and then I moved to New York City (NYC) in 2005 and I’ve been here ever since. I’m a member of Delta Sigma Theta. There are members of my family who are also members. Not my mother, but my aunt (my mom’s older sister) is, so I had known about it growing up. Also, in my hometown, the women of the sorority did so much community service. I joined when I was in college and that’s also a reason why I maybe wasn’t so hesitant to move to NYC. I knew that wherever I went, there will always be a group of women from my sorority. So when I moved here, I knew one person – my direct supervisor from my first full-time job after college happened to be my sorority sister and her older sister and family were already here in NYC and they lived about 3 blocks from us. I also connected with women from my sorority whom I had not known previously but we had that connection so it made my transition easier.

FLM: When did you decide to move to NY?

TW: Well, I always told people that I followed a man and they got shocked (laughing); then I told them that’s okay because we got married. My husband moved here to pursue his music career and we dated long distance for about a year and a half then I decided to move. The interesting thing is, it was very early in our relationship; only about 8 months in, it was very early so we could have cut it off. After a year and half, he said he was not moving back to Shreveport. I completely understood. We weren’t from a part of Louisiana that was happening and offering opportunities, so I was going to move anyway. We were only dating at the time and I kept mentioning to him, “Oh, it would be really great to move to New York City (NYC) with my fiancé and not my boyfriend” and Amos said, “That’s not going to happen because we’re too young. We’re not getting married.” I decided I was going to move anyway for my career; I graduated from college and I wasn’t working in my particular field. I majored in mass communications and public relations, so the move would still be better for my career. We actually got engaged four or five months before I moved, so it all worked out. He finally listened, so I technically did move to NYC be with my fiancé.

FLM: How long after you got to NYC before you started working?

TW: Before I moved to NYC, I was applying for jobs but no one was calling back so I started using Amos’ NYC address on applications and then I started getting responses. I got a call back from one employer at a non-profit and we had an LSU connection, and thankfully I interviewed and was hired.

FLM: When you got to NYC, what was it like to have a fiance working on music?

TW: He was never one of those guys that was only working on music, he always worked. His background was human resources and retail management. The only time he stopped working was a year after we got married when he launched his company in 2008. He had just left a cushy job with J.Crew to work with a startup that wasn’t really paying well so it was a good time to leave and focus on his own company.

oh my, What was that conversation like?...

“Honey, I want to quit my job…”

TW: For me, I didn’t want to be that wife that wasn’t supportive. If this was something Amos wanted to pursue; he had a vision and a plan and there were goals he knew that he could meet. I didn’t want there to be any resentment. He truly had my support 100%, but also, I know what type of man he is and he would have done it anyway, I said, let me just get on board and fully support.