Cut cooking chaos:

"Forget the foodie frenzy," Philipps stresses. "If you can pull together a simple and nutritious meal for the family, you are a superstar. This doesn't require slaving away for hours in the kitchen. Internet search one-pan recipes. When time is really crunched, there's no shame in takeout. Trust me, everyone does it."

And her healthy eating tip? "I get my kids to eat healthy by hiding nutritious food — like broccoli pureed into spaghetti sauce — so they don’t even know they are eating it. A page from a book I swear by: Jessica Seinfeld’s popular cookbook, 'Deceptively Delicious.'"

Create a healthy competition: In a perfect world, your kids would enjoy helping with all the household chores. In the real world this can feel like fighting a losing battle. Philipps' solution: Try using a little trick psychology. "Think of ways to transform cleaning into a competition," she says. "Who can toss the dirtiest clothes into the baskets? Who can make their bed faster? Who can match more pairs of clean socks from the laundry in 60 seconds or less? Kids will race to win, all while helping you get those chores done."

Being a parent can get messy, but obviously we wouldn't want it any other way," says Philipps. "Tricks like these help me accept that life’s not perfect, which is okay because life’s good. And good is great!"

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