Fields Notes 18.1 - Page 4

NEWS Fields Centre for Quantitative Analysis and Modelling (Fields-CQAM) Looking to the future: Ontario invests $4 million in the Fields Institute’s new Centre for Quantitative Analysis and Modelling On April 10, 2018, Fields Institute Board members, friends, and staff gathered to celebrate the launch of the new Fields Centre for Quantitative Analysis and Modelling (Fields-CQAM), made possible by a $4 million dollar investment from the Province of Ontario. The Fields-CQAM initiative is motivated by a rapid change in the Province's economic landscape, and the mathematical sciences are at the heart of this multidisciplinary transformation. Mathematics is the language of innovation, providing a framework for describing and understanding the phenomena that shape our world. Indeed mathematical models and analytic methodologies – also known as quantitative analytics – are central 4 to understanding, predicting, and navigating the complex processes in modern society. Within this changing landscape, new partnerships are needed to effectively transfer knowledge between industry, government, and academic researchers. With Fields-CQAM, these partnerships are incubate BB66VW&FVBF&Vv7F'GW2BGW7G'( 6FV֖&&F&W2'&vr&WfWF'FW'2BFV"fF2FF&( 2V6גFR7W'&VB67BFF&w0V6גf&VvRtEg&ЧFR62v2W7FFVBBC#B0&Ɩ4BW"V"BfVG2Ф52F'&rF2fwW&RFR&W6V&6BG&r&w&ЧvWVvǒVƖfVBW'6VvFGf6VBVFFFfR60F&Vv'F6F&W6V&6WW&VFV&rFW&62Bw&GVFR6W'6W2@v&62V7W&rw&GVFW0VWBFR62VVG2bf&2&V2b7G&FVv2'F6RFFP&f6Rvf6ƗFFRFV"VG'F6F2FRV&Ɩ2&fFPBVGV6F6V7F'2&7FpFRFV6v6BV6֖0FWfVVBbF&fVG256VV2FBǐVWBFR7W'&VBVVG2bFP&f6RvFG2&W6V&6@G&r&w&'WB62FFRgWGW&R( fVG252pf'v&G2( 6BVrVrF&V7F"bfVG25( FF( 0&W6V&6f&2F'&~( 0fFBfVG250rFRw&VGv&f"gWGW&PƖ6F2bW"&W6V&6'@ǒFWfVrFRFV6VW2@WFFvW2FG&fRf'v&@FV6v6fF'WB6'G&rFRVFFFfR66VF7G0FǒFV'VWFrF&( 0VFFRBrFW&62vfVG25v767BFR&f6P&V6֖rFW&FǐVFrvVFvRV6ג"