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Nominations for the 2019 Margaret Sinclair Memorial Award must be received electronically by the Fields Institute by December 1, 2018. Send to All application materials should be sent by e-mail to at least three months prior to the proposed start date. The annual application deadlines are September 15, January 15, and May 15. Please note that nominations for the Margaret Sinclair Award will be kept under consideration for two additional years following the initial submission. FIELDS-PERIMETER AFRICA POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS Fields Institute Postdoctoral Fellowships provide for a period of research activity at Fields and participation in our programs. We are currently soliciting applications for Fields Postdoctoral Fellowships and Jerrold E. Marsden Postdoctoral Fellowships. Qualified candidates who will have a recent PhD (normally awarded not more than five years before tenure of the Fellowship) are encouraged to apply. FIELDS RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP This fellowship provides an opportunity for a period of full-time “Research in Residence” at the Fields Institute. Faculty members at our Principal Sponsoring Universities are invited to apply (e.g. for a period during a research leave from their own university), or to nominate a mathematical scientist for the purpose of collaborative research. Fellowship holders will be provided with office space, access to all Fields facilities and activities, and an allowance for living expenses up to $3,500 for each month of full-time residence. The minimum length of residence is one month, and the maximum length normally three months. Note that faculty living in the GTA are not eligible to hold the fellowship, but may nominate external candidates for the award. Selection of successful candidates will be made by the Directors of the Institute, in consultation with the Scientific Advisory Panel. The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics are inviting applications from African Nationals for a one-year Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship. The deadline for applications to the 2019 Fields-Perimeter Africa Postdoctoral Fellowship will be November 15, 2018. Applications are accepted through Mathjobs: FIELDS INCUBATOR PROPOSALS In 1999, Fields began a program to foster startup companies that commercialize mathematical ideas and that can benefit from the expertise at the Fields Institute. Companies are approved by the Fields Board on recommendation by the Industrial Advisory Board. The goal of the program is to enable members of the Fields community to start business ventures by giving them access to the physical, intellectual, and logistical resources of the Institute. Examples of successful Fields startups are Sigma Analysis and Management and R 2 Financial Technologies. More information about this program can be obtained by contacting the Director at Want to see your name in print? Do you have a great math story to tell? Are you excited about your math research? FIELDS NOTES accepts contributions on a volunteer basis. Send your pitches to BECOME A SUPPORTER OF THE FIELDS INSTITUTE Mathematics provides a deep and powerful way of thinking about the world, yet it is not a static, finished subject. There are still many questions and great intellectual challenges remaining, and you can be part of the discovery. With your support, the Fields Institute can create a more supportive, inclusive, diverse, and stimulating environment for research in the mathematical sciences. When you support Fields,you are part of the solution. Donations are tax-deductible. For more information, please visit or contact de fVVDfVG2WF&F6#