Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain LIFE Summer 2013, Issue 9 - Page 3

Contents Call in the Dogs! page 1 Gulf War Syndrome 5 New Study Reveals Two Subgroups in 0 Fe a t u r e s NEW SSA RULING for Fibromyalgia disability page 6 12 Why It’s Important to Write and Talk about Your Invisible Disease 14 AWESOME BREED CREATIONS Spreads Awareness of Fibromyalgia What to Expect with a Personal Pain 66vR# #@#prBW'6vVfƖrf"546Ɩf&6W'BFV662f7F'f"VRvFf'&זvWrfVGW&S7W'Bf"FP7W'FW'0F7F.( 2Gf6PvR`#fvFrFRVF7W&6P7VW"#2f'&זvb6&2ࠥ77FVФƖf^(">(