Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain LIFE Sep/Oct 2012, Issue 6 - Page 27

our local Rainbow Hospice Care as a volunteer. After four months, I started the first Quilt Club for Rainbow to provide a continuous supply of quilts, which are given to every inpatient and then passed on to the family. Since March 2011, over 130 quilts have been presented to-date. We can only hope that there will be many more in the future. I recommend volunteering time in any way possible. When I am serving others, my own pain is put into perspective and often, I forget about it. was not in the cards. T oday, I walk when it’s just the right weather – not too cold or too damp – and continue to work toward additional exercise in the future. I wish I could report that all aspects of my healing goals are in place but in all honesty, I still have a lot of work to do. Exercise has always been a struggle for me. I have never been athletic and certainly don’t enjoy the gym. As far back as I can remember, even junior high gym class was a struggle. I went out for the basketball team, working and sweating nightly during practices before our first game. Then there was the game. I was put in somewhere in the middle and beamed with pride as I caught the round ball when it was passed to me. I dribbled down the court with agility and speed, only to find out that I was going towards the opposing team’s basket before finding myself back on the bench and eve GVǒvfrWFR7'Bv2FRv66FV&W2FVf"FV2( 2FR7BFV&W2FV( 2BFRBF&VvFR6V6vVB7&726VG'BWB66&Rf"ג67FW.( 26gF&vW2vRfRFVB'WBf"R66'6f"7'G0vVRfRf'&זvFR( 7W'6^( 2V&rFBWW&66RV2WfVFF7G'VvvRvFFRFVvB( vVBV'WBr7W6VBFvWBWg&F26#( Р67G'VvvRvFגFWBF2&VV&W76rF2&Vv&B( 2&fFrVFV2vRw&2BW72fBN( 2vV( גvFBFR666V6R7V2vBB&BbBBגvvVBfR'W&vW'2WfW'FbגƖfR( 2VBBFFW2g&VB66V'&VBvFG2b6FVB'WGFW"BvB66FW"( FRvBFw2ƖfR( 'WBVF6FF26vRFw2rfRwW'Bf"'&Vf7BVB6G2B&RgFVB6FVǒ6VvRח6VbFG&&RFGvv76W2bvFW"Ffrv66626VBG2v&&V2FRvFW'2&RgFV'6vFFVW&GW&W2&V6p6W7B#"f'&זvb6&2ࠤƖfP#p