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FOREWORD MESSAGE FROM Prof. Dr. Ir. Rindit Pambayun, M.P President Indonesian Association of Food Technologists – IAFT/PATPI On behalf of the Indonesian Association of Food Technologists (IAFT/PATPI), it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Fi Asia 2018. IAFT is the only professional food organisation that represents Indonesia in the IUFoST (International Union of Food Science and Technology). In addition, IAFT is also a member of FiFSTA (Federation of Institute of Food Science and Technology). We are proud to be an objective source of influence and thought leadership for the development, application and communication of the science of food. Science-based information and regulation have an important role in helping the food industry meet the challenges it faces, namely, by developing new or improving existing products and technologies that are beneficial to consumers and society as a whole. As the President of IAFT, I am privileged to head an organisation that encourages professional food science through the encouragement of cooperation and exchange of scientific and technical information amongst industry stakeholders. To reach our common goals, we have to work together in partnership with di