Fi Asia 2018 Fi Asia 2018 Show Catalogue - Page 43

In association with: ••• The Innovation Zone Discover an extensive selection of the most innovative showcased alongside insightful information. • :.•···~• INNOVA ·• ·• MARKET ·:-:.~·· INSIGHTS Location: B2.E2 products~ The Innovation Zone organised in association with lnnova Market Insights showcases product innovations from leading industry players. It will provide the perfect opportunity to give new ingredients the introduction they deserve to the X\] H[\\XH܈\]ܜ˜[H\\X]\H\XYHH[][܈B]][ۈ[\KۉZ\[\[HYHX[][\HH^X]ܜ\H]HܙY۝و][Y[[H[\HB\]H[ݘ][ۈۙH]Y][L