Fi Asia 2018 Fi Asia 2018 Show Catalogue - Page 40

TECHNICAL SEMINAR 13.00–13.30 Technical Seminar Room Hall D1 Takasago International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Topic : Discovering Seafood Trends and Opportunities Speaker : Siew Hoon Chan, Regional Asia Lead - Consumer Insights and Market Research (CIMR), Flavor Division Synopsis : Generally, seafood plays an important role in the Asian diet and is highly regarded as healthy food. Recent trends may impact the evolution of consumer attitudes towards seafood. These include growing consumer knowledge about health and wellness and meal occasions becoming more fragmented, with eating-on-the move expanding. More working women in emerging markets calls for more convenience and shortcuts for faster scratch cooking. The rise of food images shared on social networks has made food trends more accessible. In its creation of flavors to meet 67VW"VVG2F6vVFW'F67VW"7GVGFVFW'7FBGFGVFW2Fv&G26VfB67VFwVvPVvƗ6&w&WFFR2b#BVwW7B#2CRRFV666V֖"&06V6VBBFvF7G&FW&6@F0֖7&fR(J"7VW '2֖Wv2FV66F&V7F"6V6V@760vFR&vRbGW&6"6WFvF&V֗VR&W'FW2wVvPVvƗ62CRBPFV666V֖"&CfFWFw&VFVG2Bf66PF07F266w2VBGW7G'7VW W760ǖ֖FR66w2g&f66R *&RVW&f&6R66w2f"FVBBf&V@&6W76VBVBBVG'Ɩ6F266w2&RF&VBF֗R&GV7BVB@֗R6Vb7F&ƗGb6Ɩ6VBB&WFFV2F&R6&7FW&7F726VFRvvV&'&W"v6&FV7G2&GV7G2v7B7W&f6RFFBF66&FB7GW&R&'&W"FBf'GVǐVƖ֖FW2vFW"֖w&FwVvPVvƗ6B3RFV666V֖"&* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *fFFVG&VG2#F0B3RCPFV666V֖"&C&FVF6F@4r7FWB&fbd"GW7G&W2fFVBwVW7BǕ* *F07VW "VW2W&4VvVW"vW wVvP&6CfWW&Pf6ffWFФf6WFW&6