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TECHNICAL SEMINAR 12.00–12.30 Topic: Speaker : Synopsis : Language : 3-5 October 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia Technical Seminar Room Hall A3 SMS Corporation Breakthrough High-Fiber Food via Innovative Food Starch Dr. Werawat Lertwanawatana, CEO Dr. Chutarat Kowittaya, Assistant Food Innovation Manager Demand for fiber rich foods is constantly growing as increasing numbers of consumers focus on health and wellness. Dietary fiber content found on food labels is one buying decision criterion. This fact is a clear sign that food entrepreneurs must shift their products toward fiber rich foods. PHYBOPLUS 1, a highly resistant starch, unlike traditional fiber resists digestion thus providing health benefits. With its unique performance, PHYBOPLUS 1 provides fiber fortification in foods without texture disruption. Consumers can enjoy their favorite foods while meeting daily fiber requirements. English 13.00–13.30 Technical Seminar Room Hall A1 Firmenich and Indesso Aroma, PT Topic : Add an Emotional Driver to Your Product Identity By Varnishing Its Packaging with Firmenich’s AromActive™ Speaker : Nazlin Imram, Regional Business Development Director. Firmenich (Asia) Synopsis : AromActive™ from Firmenich, is a brand new scented varnish technology that brings you beyond traditional food packaging by releasing aroma on the hand when it is gently touched and vanishing seconds later. AromActive ™ can unlock access to three major senses – sight, touch and smell, thereby adding a new emotional driver and consumer connection to your products’ brand identity. Language : English 13.00–13.30 Topic : Speaker : Synopsis : Language : Technical Seminar Room Hall A3 Aromatech and Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients Future of food – What will be the role of flavours? Mrs. Nathalie Marchand, Flavorist and R&D Manager In a world where population is growing and resources are dwindling, ideas are coming up to feed humanity in the coming decades. Even if predictions are being made, no one truly knows how our meals will look like in the next 50 years. What if a mix of condensed proteins became our daily lot. Flavours and texturant would then bring food to a next level! English 13.00–13.30 : Topic Speaker : Synopsis : Language : Technical Se ȁI!)Qͅ%ѕɹѥMɔAє1ѐ)-Ԁ 役ѡٔ ͥQѕ$)M-ٽȁM)ٕȁͥ)͔եͥq]͡׊t݅́Ѽѡ%х ձɅ!ɥхЁU9M <)ѡ䁡ٔɕ镐́ѡ䁅̸=չՔɕͥq]͡׊t̃q-׊t)ݡ́ٽəհɥɵ镐ѡ՝q-׊t͕́))͔ٕɅ̰Ё́ձЁѼɱ䁕ѡq-׊tɕͥ́ɥѥ)Ѽ͹̸QɕɔQ́ͅ)͔ٽȁ䁥́ɕѡ́չՕ))͔ɕͥѼɕєɽՍ́役ѡٔͥхѕ́ݥѠՅ䁽q-׊t͕)ѡѥͥ=ѽ䰁хѽ䁅 ѡ̸ͥ)͠()%)! )!))!ɽ)!-ɕ