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TECHNICAL SEMINAR 16.00–16.30 Topic : Speaker : Synopsis : Language : Technical Seminar Room Hall D1 Jungbunzlauer and IMCD Calcium Fortification of Beverages Cecilia Ng, Marketing Development Manager Calcium fortified beverages is a convenient way to increase the daily intake of calcium, but its development have also proven to be a challenge to many manufacturers. It is important for formulators to select an appropriate form of calcium, for the specified application and to deliver the desired level of calcium content without affecting the overall solubility, bioavailability and sensory aspects of the end product. Jungbunzlauer’s portfolio of highly bioavailable organic calcium can be added to food and beverages for nutritional and fortification purposes. English 16.00-16.30  Technical Seminar Room Hall B2                         Innova Topic : Thriving on Gut Feeling: Digestive Health NPD 16.45–17.15 Topic : Speaker : Synopsis : Language : Technical Seminar Room Hall A1 Kancor Ingredients Limited OxiKan – Natural Antioxidant Solutions for Food & Beverage Ms. Lakshmy Kaliyarmattom Ravindran, Lead Business Associate – Product Management One of the major reasons for the deterioration of food is the auto-oxidation of lipids by which the food develops off-odours and flavours, loses visual appeal and nutritional value. At the consumer level, there is a growing interest in fresher foods and “natural” label, while there is continued demand for the convenience of longer shelf-life and cutting down food waste on the other. We at Kancor, directly addressed this problem by developing robust yet highly refined natural antioxidant solutions – OxiKan. English 16.45–17.15 Technical Seminar Room Hall A3 Beijing Gingko-Group Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Topic : Astaxanthin: Different forms yield vastly different efficacy Speaker : Bob Capelli, EVP Global Marketing Synopsis : Astaxanthin is available in a few different forms which, other than the chemical formula, are completely different from one another in every way. By far the most popular for human nutritional supplements is the algae-based form. However, brands can source from synthetically-produced Astaxanthin made from petrochemicals and also Astaxanthin from a genetically manipulated yeast called Phaffia. Learn about the vast differences between these forms and most importantly, the clinically-validated health benefits that are exclusive to the algae-based form. Language : English 30 Fi Europe Fi Asia Fi Vietnam Fi South America