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TECHNICAL SEMINAR 3-5 October 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia 13.00-14.15 Technical Seminar Room Hall A1 Indesso Aroma, PT Topic : The Boosting Power of Coffee Extract Speaker : Rahayu Triningsih, R&D Food Ingredient PT. Indesso Aroma Metta Sari, Product Manager Food Ingredient PT. Indesso Niagatama Synopsis : Founded in 1968, Indesso has become the world leader for Clove Leaf Oil and its derivatives, and a key manufacturer in producing ingredients for food, flavor and fragrance industries. As the current market growth of RTD coffees in Asia Pacific market, especially in Indonesia, Indesso also try to fulfill this demand by developing Cof- fee Extract New Generation. Besides that, Indesso also develops Coffee Thermal Process which is created through Maillard Process that can produce strong and unique taste and aroma. Both coffee extract and thermal process are important to improve the overall profile of coffee product applications (from RTD, PSD, to flavor applications). Language : English 13.45–14.15 Topic : Speaker : Synopsis : Language : Technical Seminar Room Hall A3 Evonik Industries AG and Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients Germany quality! Evonik silica can make your food product outstanding Mr.Paiput Ratnapradipa, Technical Service Manager More than 80 years ago, the research scientists of our company, which is now Evonik Industries AG, developed previously unknown types of very pure silica. The unique wealth of experience that we have acquired over many decades in the production and specification of synthetic silica enables us to manufacture our products of consistently high quality. Our AEROSIL fumed silica AEROSIL ® and SIPERNAT ® specialty silica improve the flowability of your products. An additional advantage is their large absorption capacity, which enables them to take up moisture or oil from the powder’s surface a YXHX[\˜ۜY\XK\[[\HHY]X[]Hو[\X\[[ܝ[ܘYK[\Lˌ LLˌBBBBXBBXZ\HB[\NBBB[XYBNHXX[[Z[\H[L•]H [H\XHXYXK ^HY\HH[]YY\ۛWp0[X[H[\[[܈XX[\XBBZHH[\X[\\[[[ۘ[\[\[Z\\X][ۜ[H][Y\BX\] [\Lˌ LLˌBBBXBBXZ\HB[\NBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB[XYBNHXX[[Z[\H[ BՐPVH[[]Y[ZX[[\[ZB][HX\ۘ]KH][\\H[ܙYY[܈ ]\YHX\]X[HTVݘX^H[\ܙHX\Y \]X[]H][HX\ۘ]HܘY\\HHܛ[\X[[X[[\XX]]X[ [YYX\]ˈX[YX\YH]\[]X]\X[وY\]K[X[XX[[Z[[HYH[X]HY][YH][ˈ[[ \TL H[Œ \YYY \XHTKQT[TM H\YX][ۜ\HۋY[ˈ][KPX\ۘ]H\B\H\Y[[ܙYY[܈X\]]]\[[\\[\Y\ˈX\X][[Y[܂Hܛ][][ۈوZ[\\Z\ܘX\[Y\ˈ]Y\\Y\\Y[Bܛ][][ۈو[[\XKٙYH[[\H[ˈ[\Y[][KPX\ۘ]B[HܛX][ۈو[K[\‘H[XBH[BH\[H]\BHܙX